Tuesday, April 01, 2008

An April Fool in Boston

The eagle has landed. I got into Boston almost 2 hrs after my original arrival time. No worries. Delays in beautiful Cincinnati. Nice airport, that.

I'm fighting off a cold so I'm not visiting my pregnant friend or Kristen and her family as originally planned. Don't need to share that kind of love.

Here are some shots from my hotel. I love the Radisson. Every single room has a balcony. First thing I did was go onto mine. Love it. Here are three shots from my 12th floor room. [I can't seem to make this picture any wider. The shots are from 5:54pm, 6:33pm & 7:22pm.]

Here's a shot of my room. You can see my lovely balcony view out the sliding door. And I had American Idol on the TV. (Right now, I'm watching one of my favorite shows, Gene Simmons Family Jewels.)

And here I am chillin'. I'm sitting at my computer desk with my feet up on my giant king sized Sleep Number bed. Traveling is good.

I'm heading to bed now. Then to meetings all day tomorrow. Hopefully I'll have time to take some shots of something interesting enough to blog about.

Wish you were here.


Wanda said...

Hey Girfriend ~~ Trying to catch up and everytime I take a step forward...I end up taking two backwards....2 weeks away the move, and then I hope to settle into my normal routine of visiting my blog friends every day...

You hotel room looks lovely, the bed looks compy....Oh I need a nap!!

Trish Ryan said...

That's a nice room!
How are those sleep number beds, anyway? Is the Bionic Woman right?