Thursday, September 06, 2007

Trish's Video

Now, I'm going to give you guys a link to watch a video of Trish. I know she'd never put this on her blog. But I love and adore her and think her testimony is so great so I'll totally exploit her here. This testimony is similar to the one she gave in front of the church way back in 2005 while a cynical snot-nosed brat (ie - me) sat there rolling her eyes and thinking she would never have anything to say to this crazed woman that was speaking. Thankfully, I was woefully wrong.

Go to this link and you'll see Trish's picture as the first one. Click on Trish and you can watch and listen and marvel at her beauty (or maybe that's just me).



Jane said...

I love Trish's spirit and generousity. What a wonderful testimony indeed!

Gudl said...

That was nice of you to put it up! I watched her testimony and can only say: YES!! God is good!

First time on your blog,... I will come again.

Mary Ann said...

What a great message. I love the way she expresses herself with her spirit shining through.