Wednesday, September 19, 2007

...And Have I Mentioned That My Mom Rocks?

My mom rocks. Have I mentioned that before? If not, please feel free to slap me for that oversight when next you see me. But warn me first. I tend to get rather vexed when seemingly attacked for no reason. is day two of my annoying, albeit benign, head cold. I'm much more functional than yesterday. And I didn't have to blow my nose every 3 minutes like yesterday (maybe every 30 minutes). I actually only took decongestants once during the day (as opposed to the 5 times yesterday that didn't do diddly). I didn't feel like I had a pair of wet socks crammed into my sinuses (maybe just one tiny toddler sock). But I was still a whiny mouth-breather with chapped lips and an even chapped-er nose.

So when dinner time arose, I was sorely tempted to just drive to some greasy fast-food place. But the giant zit on my right cheek spoke to me and said, "Unless you want my twin on the other side, you might want to reconsider your plan." Wise giant zit.

Grumbling inwardly at the unfair weight of fixing dinner while sick (and of course doing the whole "oh pity me, I'm a single mom now" thing in the back of my head), I begrudgingly fixed my children something that would make Beck shudder and probably call DSS. I made them ramen noodles and broccoli. I know. Pretty awful. But I like it and figured noodles and kids - you can't miss!

Wow, this is totally not at all about my wonderful mom. Anyway - long story way too long - I'm sitting there sipping at my noodles, thinking about all the amazing food I have at my finger tips and how THIS was what I chose...and the doorbell rings. It's MOM. And she has brought me a little care packages of sorts. Or care grocery bags, would be more precise. She handed them to me at the end of a 16 foot pole. Well, not really but I'm sure she wouldn't have argued, had someone offered said pole. Both boys gave her tons of hugs (had to try to out-do each other). And then she was gone.

Mom dropped off a HUGE bag of fat, sweet, succulent pecans (and that's pronounced "puh-CAHNS". Don't ever call them "PEE-cans" around me. I will berate you thoroughly), a container of huge muffins and a big huge bag of green seedless grapes. I've already eaten a huge fistful of those pecans. I'm sitting here pondering a muffin, too.

But isn't that just the sweetest thing? She wanted to make me dinner yesterday but I dragged my butt to the Burger King drive through with the boys (yes, I get the mother of the year award for my nutritional stint these last few months). She called today to ask if there was anything she could bring me. Having just stocked my pantry with about 42 cans of various soups, nope, I was good.

So her surprise tonight of 3 of my favorite snack things, that just rocked. And I wouldn't even have known to pick those 3 things. But looking at them, I thought, this is PERFECT.

My mom rocks.


Sarakastic said...

what were the 3 snack things?

LEstes65 said...

Pecans, muffins & grapes. I get so verbose that you can totally lose track of any information I'm actually trying to convey. I know that.


Beck said...

Um, wanna know what we had last night? Pasta tossed with some alfredo sauce (not even TOMATO BASED!). Nary a vegetable nor a protein source in sight. So I wouldn't worry too much about what I think, REALLY.

Trish Ryan said...

Yay Mom!

I hope you're feeling better. I hear that PEE-cans help heal colds (or at least distract you from them!)

Stacy said...

Moms are the best. Mine, in spite of the odd advice she likes to offer at any and all occasions, is the most giving person I know.

Kristen said...

Yay, Mom!!! I'm glad that you've got her there to take good care of you. :-)

Kendra said...

Hawkins moms are the best. I have to agree. Mine is in town (with little sister and baby niece), but was here and managed to supply dinner, take care of kids and make me feel so treasured just in the space of a couple of hours. It's a gift they have, ya know. love you, and love you mom (Aunt Rose to me!!)

Johanna said...

+- Last week we had frozen yogurt for dinner(4 boys). They don't actually consume food anyway, just smear it on their faces and various upholstered surfaces and feed it to the dog.I have the same pronunciation issue with scallops- needs to be scah-llops. Your writing is so wonderful I think I would enjoy reading your grocery list.(Kristen's little sister)