Monday, September 17, 2007

Ah Kin Feel It A'Comin'!

Oh drat. I'm getting a head cold. Good gravy on toast, that annoys me. I feel like I've been rather healthy after along string of stress-induced illness. So I'm just annoyed at the totally raw feeling I have in my sinuses & back of my throat. Oh well. That's what I get for being the mother of two adorable boys that are sent off to their daily Petri dishes.

(Editorial: I realize the silliness of the "rather healthy" comment above as I reviewed recent posts about intestinal viruses. HA!)

I'm not really complaining. Just a wee bit annoyed. In the grand scheme of things, I'll take a head cold. So I'll go dose up with my decongestants that praise God for my cold. I've been reading way too many blogs and emails that have put things in a bit of perspective.

I will go pray health over Darlene, Sarakastic & Jane. I will go praise God with Angela. I will pray for little Andrew and his family. There are so many more. But a big part of my prayer time is spent (and I had to just change that from "spenting"...I'm getting tired!) just saying, "Thank you God..." while I just kind of picture people in my head that I'm thankful for. It's easier on my brain, for some reason, that actually going, "...for aunt so-and-so and uncle this-n-that..." and naming my legion of siblings and their kids, etc. But the funny thing is...when I thank God for my regular blogger chick pals? I tend to picture your profile picture or one of my favorite posts. So those of you with silly or non-facial or non-real-person profile picks usually get me to smile as I mentally thumb past your picture. (That would be you, Beck, Sarakastic, JenKneeBee, and UkranianDiva!) And if that doesn't get me giggling, the fact that I think of most of you by your blog nicknames and not your real names usually gets me. Thank goodness God has a sense of humor.

This post is all over the place. Rather like my brain at the moment. Time to go hit the meds and then my bed.



Mary Ann said...

Oh, thank you, you reminded me to take a Sudafed! I felt a cold coming on yesterday and forgot to do anything about it. As if I can keep it from coming.

I enjoyed visiting your prayer-blog list w/ my morning diet coke. Wish I had time to make the cinnamon chocolate bread posted on Beck's site. Yummmm.

Happy Tuesday!

Jane said...

Good morning Lynette!

I hope you feel better soon! I know what a drag a head cold can be. Knock on wood, I've been on a pretty good health path for a while. Thank you for your continued prayers; I know that all the love and support really does help. I'm thankful that the lump turned out to be nothing.

Happy Tuesday to you!!!!


Sarakastic said...

I actually look like the non cartoon version of my avatar. One day I decided to part my hair on the other side like my avatar, & I really do look better that way.

Beck said...

My Ramona avatar is a portrait of the inner me - AND she reminds me of my kids.
Get better!

Stacy said...

Hope you feel better. I know I've kicked off the cold season early this year too.

Wanda said...

Wish I could send you some homemade chicken soup...! Hope you're better real soon.