Friday, September 14, 2007

Stoopid evil! (with a small E)

There are more things in life that you can count on aside from death and taxes. One is that, when you feel like you might be making progress in life (specifically moving toward God), the stupid so-called "prince" of darkness comes along and tries to whack you right back to square one. And being the imperfect human being I am, I usually give an initial reaction of sheer freak-out panic and oh-what-will-I-do-ness type stuff. (I'm good with the grammarification, no?)

Yesterday was such a day. The stoopid evil came along and tried to derail me. And it did for a while. Quite a few hours, actually. I spent way too much time crying, screaming, ranting, raging, panicking, wondering how I'd deal, wondering what will happen. Generally thinking oh woe is ME!

Now the one thing you can count on even more consistently than either death or taxes (because I have a book that shows he has power over BOTH of those) is that the God I follow? He's WAY stronger than the great dork of darkness. Even if this road block really does block the road I'm currently on (and it will try), why am I worried? God will give me a way over it, around it, under it, (insert your favorite preposition here) it. Or he'll just poof me another road completely. To quote the lovely Julie Andrews as Maria VonTrapp, "When the Lord closes a door, somewhere He opens a window." And I like to say it with her crisp little English accent, too. Makes it oh so much more fun!

Let this world try its best. God will get me through it and some day I'll be remembering this like, "Why was I so freaked out? Look how great things worked out!!"

Until then, I will keep pestering God. And I will forgive myself my human imperfections (because I pretty much took them all out and gave them plenty of exercise yesterday). And I will take a bunch of ibuprofen.


kim said...

"...took them all out and gave them a bunch of exercise."


Sarakastic said...

I'm wondering how "dork of darkness" will go over at church tomorrow. You've proven how strong you are before, especially when you have God's help. It will only be a matter of time before you will be able to say "take that evil". I really need to copyright the word lynette-isms

Wanda said...

You keep pestering God, Lynette, He is about to give you some really big answers...Remember the lady in the Bible that kept pestering Him....He gave in ....she got her answer!

Allie said...

You make me want to burst into "I Have Confidence", Lynette. I too love the phrase "dork of darkness". Great post.