Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Big Giant Gloopy Gobs of Love

Thanks for the well wishes. I'm much better. Still feeling a bit delicate (not a word frequently used to describe any part of me). So I'm being careful to avoid places like Sonic - where they deep fry like everything.

Today I am very oddly possessed by this overwhelming feeling of love. It is the strangest thing. I'm sitting here on this incredibly boring all-day conference call. And I feel this incredible urge to call or IM or email all of my friends to tell them how much I love them and how great they are. Lucky for me, I was able to IM Kristen and do that. I emailed Trish her big blob o' love yesterday. I just feel so insanely blessed with wonderful true friends. The kind that will be there for you no matter what, when, why, etc. I am so totally gooby with love that I would give everyone a giant group hug if you were all here.

I told Kristen that this feels so silly and weird. And she said that usually when you feel something so strongly, it's the Holy Spirit working. And it must have been. Because when I IM'd her a dose of big warm & fuzzy mushy stuff, it was exactly what she needed today. Isn't that funny? I just thought I was being all gloppy and dorky and it just totally hit home for her.

See, this is one of many reasons I love God.

And on Friday, when I was laying in bed wishing someone would buy me a new GI tract, I got a phone call from one of my closest friends in Boston. She was in horrible emotional pain. And I was only at home because I was sick. If I had been ok, I would have been at my parents' house. So my lovely little virus served a purpose. She told me, "I knew I'd call you and you'd make me feel better!"

God can use all things for good. Even nasty intestinal viruses. Take THAT evil!

I'm a dork.


Sarakastic said...

Ha I was just stopping by to thank you for the comment you left about prayer on one of my blogs, it made me feel a lot better & it looks like you've done all kinds of good, go you!

Take THAT evil! is now my new superhero slogan. yes I have a superhero slogan.

Wanda said...

Wow Lynette: God's timing is one of the miracles that amaze me all the time...he can take bad and turn it to good. Love you girlfriend.

Allie said...

I love your use of adjectives, Lynette. Gloppy and gooby and mushy etc. (Yes I'm also a dork!)

Hooray God for turning bad into good!

Kristen said...

Thank you again for sharing the gloopiness with me at the very time I needed it! How cool is it that God works through IM and blogs and online videos (i.e., Trish's)! :-) Love you, too!

Jane said...

Hi there my gorgeous friend!

I have missed coming here. First I was sidetracked by vacation and then I had a crazy week last week. this week, I've been trying to get myself and the kids back to some kind of a routine.

I'm glad you feel better and I am sending gobs of love your way as well!

Happy Thursday!!

Trish Ryan said...

Oh but you are the most wonderful dork! Thanks for my big gob of Lynette love :)

you rock.