Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another Fever and Sneeking Peeks At My Own Blog

I sent Lil' Bro to school today. His rash was almost all gone - just hints around his neck and upper torso. So off he went. I had an empty house which was good because I had 3 intense meetings. I had to lead two of them and I had to really pay attention to the 3rd. Not a good time to have a 4 yr old asking me to help him blow his nose or to wipe his bum or whatever.

Lil' Bro came home low energy but that's normal after a day of running crazy with like 852 other 4 yr olds. Ok...more like 18. But I bet his teacher feels like it's 852! Right before bed, he felt hot. Yup. Another fever. So I dosed him up and put him in bed.

I have heard there is this weird mystery virus going around. PerkyPianoMom is fighting a house hold of yick and it seems to be similar to this. It just seems to be this virus that tosses one symptom after another at whoever it currently inhabits. Nothing horrible - just enough to lay you low and make you a whiny mess.

I would like the annoying mystery virus to go away now. God, can you please take care of that for me? Thank you.

Oh, and the 2nd part to this post's title? Yah, I found myself checking my blog multiple times today. I told myself I was just checking for comments but we all know I'm lying to myself because they all come to my email inbox. So I confess: I was "checking" my blog to check out that sultry picture of Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Good gravy that boy is gorgeous!


Sarakastic said...

This is exactly why I can't post pictures of Adam Brody on my blog anymore, I get nothing done.

Carol Beth said...

Poor Lil' Bro! That kid has been through the wringer lately. Tell him PerkyPianoMom (Hahahaha!!!) is praying for him and that I hope he feels better very soon.

Kristen said...

Poor little guy! I guess you can look at it as he's building up his immunity for later. But I'm praying that mystery virus leaves your house, too.

If I had known that Jonathan Rhys Meyers was on that show, I would have ordered Showtime. I loved him in "Bend it Like Beckham." :-)

Mary Ann said...

I guess I shouldn't be too worried about the squirrels on the roof, trying to eat their way into the attic. At least they're not in my lungs. Hope you're feeling better!