Thursday, May 08, 2008

Pollyanna Warm Fuzzy Fluff

I am having one of those really awesome days. Which is weird. Because I have a raging sinus headache. This one is allergy induced. I doubt I'll be kneeling before the porcelain throne this time around. But it's a mere annoyance since having the reference point of debilitating migraines.

Lil' Bro is home sick today. I think his are allergies, too. But I'll be jamming a flashlight down his throat later to check for white spots. I'm told some bad stuff doesn't always kick up a fever. So who knows.

So even with the headache and a sick coughing 4 yr old, I'm having a great day. Here's why.

Work is actually good today. I am on this project that is overwhelming and ambitious. There are a handful of us that are trying to do analysis on over 100 systems to see if we can make them fit into this enterprise-wide data solution thingy that will help our company hugely if we pull it off. So a smidge of pressure.

Every time we group up to hand out assignments, we all walk away with about 4 systems to tackle. I seem to have the golden touch of finding systems that are out of our scope. Everyone else seems to have the touch of having to wrestle with 4 systems. So I get mine done and then go ask the boss, what can I do? It's just what you do when you find yourself twiddling your thumbs. So right now, I have about 5 systems on my plate. 3 of which are pretty much done and turned over to the programmers. The other two are started and my documentation is sent out for review by the system experts. So I'm in a holding pattern.

I IM'd my boss and said, "As much as I'd rather go shopping, I thought I'd ask what else I can do." I didn't think of it as any big deal. But she really thanked me for "always asking". Which I thought was a nice compliment. I tend to look at it as, I'm just lucky to have systems taken out of project scope. So I should help out. But it's nice to know that my boss appreciates the fact that I don't just go shopping and pretend I'm really swamped.

As much as I feel bad having Lil' Bro sick, I do love having him around. He's a good little guy and is content to sit on the couch in a Benadryl induced haze, watching bad Scooby Doo movies. But I took him out for lunch and that is always fun. I don't get a lot of one-on-one time with him. Pokemon Boy got 3 years of that. This little guy was born into being one of two. So that was a nice little treat.

On the way home, we stopped by mom & dad's house. Mom was outside gardening so we got to visit with her quickly.

When I got back here, I found out that I was to help lighten the load on one of my favorite coworkers. I like all of them but he's my favorite on this project. It felt good being able to help him out.

So I was just sitting here after talking to him and I was hit with this overwhelming sense of needing to tell people how much I love them. So here I am. Telling you guys I love you. Because I had a good day and am overflowing with happy feelings. And because I'm a Pollyanna dork. But in all honesty - those of you that I communicate with regularly here? - I adore you. And I feel really blessed to have this kind of connection and support in such an unlikely place.

Oh and Sarakastic - if you want a cool post on ketchup, check this one out from Wanda.

You guys are beautiful. Don't change.


Wanda said...

Oh want a "happy" full of "joy" post!! I was smiling all the way through.

Thanks for all your sweet comments on my post ~~ and glad the message in a bottle -- got to you!! That was a fun find ~~~ And I don't even like ketchup!

You are loved big time, and thanks for sending out all that love to us ~~~


Allie said...

I love Pollyanna days :) Sounds nice!

Mary Ann said...

I can see why you still have your job after the recent shakeup. Kudos to you.

Hope your son is feeling better.

Happy Friday, etc!

Trish Ryan said...

We love you right back!

Hooray for great days :)

Kristen said...

Happy Mother's Day, sweetie! Love you!

Barrie said...

I know what you mean about having a kid home sick. it's nice to get the one-on-one. Happy Mother's Day!

Sarakastic said...

If this was myspace I would leave you some sort of glittery graphic that says Happy Mother's day, but this is not myspace & I don't know where to find glittery graphics. So I'll just have to say it in non glittery graphics. Happy Mother's Day. You are awesome. Also, thanks for the post about ketchup.