Friday, May 30, 2008

Last Day of School and Assorted Whining

Pokemon Boy sprang awake this morning with a smile on his face. That only happens on the last day of school. It was very cute.

Meanwhile, Lil' Bro was still sleeping off the puke-fest he had an hour earlier. He has held down maybe a half cup of water so far. And that's in small ice-chip doses. Anything larger than that comes right back up.

And in whiny mom land, small woodland creatures seem to have taken up residence in my lungs. In about 13 minutes, I have to dial in to a 3 hour conference call. A big portion of which, I will be leading. It will be fun to run through the current state of the annuity administrative system while hacking up small squirrels and such.

Yesterday, I bought a gorgeous frame for Wanda's water color print she sent me months ago. It's on the wall and my mom (who is here to watch Lil' Bro) thinks it's gorgeous. So does Lil' Bro. So do I. Once I get a new camera, I will post a shot. Wanda, you rock!

That's about it. Very exciting and glamorous, this lot.


Kristen said...

Yay for Pokemon Boy!

Boo for Lil' Bro and you. :-( However, I think you win a prize for the funniest descriptions of illnesses ever.

Can't wait to see Wanda's print all framed!

j said...

Ooo... The last day of school is very exciting! I hope that you and Lil' Bro feel better soon though :(

Kendra said...

Summer is here, 'tis true!!

So sorry for all the sickies floating around your way, too. No fun. No fun.

love you -