Wednesday, June 20, 2007

In a Word...

Beck didn't tag me but I'm taking it anyway. I'm stealing her one-word answer meme....

1 Where is your cell phone? pocket
2 Relationship? gonzo
3 Your hair? help!
4 Work? ignoring
5 Your sister? downtown
6 Your favorite things? sons
7 Your dream last night? NyQuil
8 Your favorite drink? Coke
9 Your dream car? Beetle
10 The room you're in? kitchen
11 Your shoes? off
12 Your fears? nonexistent
13 What do you want to be in 10 years? happy
14 Who did you hang out with this weekend? sons
15 What are you not good at? tuba
16 Muffins? mmmmmm
17 Wish-list item? lottery
18 Where you grew up? everywhere
19 The last thing you did? counseling
20 What are you wearing? clothes
21 What are you not wearing? thong
22 Your pet? dead
23 Your computer? wee
24 Your life? blessed
25 Your mood? tired
26 Missing? mom
27 What are you thinking about? work
28 Your car? green
29 Your kitchen? tiled
30 Your summer? gorgeous
31 Your favorite color? green
32 Last time you laughed? yesterday
33 Last time you cried? today
34 School? yuck
35 Love? always
36 Tag? everyone

There you go.


Beck said...

Feel free to steal memes from me any ol' time.
Your pet is DEAD? That's not good!

Kendra said...

You are very talented at one word answers with great meaning, my cousin

LEstes65 said...

Beck: yes - last summer, I lost my beloved kitty, Elvis. He was 17.

Kendra: who'da thunk brevity would suit me?!

Angela Marie said...

This was great and looked fun!

Beth said...

I really liked this. I want to play! And I'm sorry about Elvis

Jane said...

Good morning! I love this meme and I feel inspired to answer it too. I hope your monday is starting off well!!

Trish Ryan said...

Girl, you need a dog and a thong. Not together, of course.