Thursday, June 14, 2007

My Entire House Smells of Chili!

Oh yes. The whole house. It's in every pore! I should walk outside for like 10 minutes just so I can walk in and be overwhelmed by the pure yumminess of the smell when it hits me.

I live in Texas and have the audacity to make what I call chili. I was informed by one of my former Boston small group members that you don't put BEANS in chili. He then warned me not to go down to Texas servin' this up as "chili". Then he ate a bowl of my meatless 4 bean chili and he shut the hell UP. Pshyeah! And let me tell you, I'm livin' down here with native Texans. And native Louisianna-ites (what do you call them?). Two of my close friends are from Texas and their parents are from Mexico. You think that scared me off? No sirree BOB! I made up some of my meatless 4 bean chili and invited them all over. I gave them my caveat of my timid New England pal's warning. And then they sat down and ate. Then they had seconds. Most of the guys had thirds.

So Texans might not put beans in their chili. But I do. And I have a huge-mungous stock pot full of it right now. Just sitting on the stove. Cooling down to a temperature that won't make my whole fridge sweat when I put it in there. After it's had a whole day for all the spices, garlic, onions, and 3 different kinds of peppers to permeate the whole thing...there will be gorging. Oh yes. We will gorge ourselves on my break-all-the-rules chili. Complete with flour tortillas, Colby cheddar and sour cream. And there will be much rejoicing.

And farting. I used 3 HUGE cloves of elephant garlic. When it was all cut up into large chunks, I estimated it to be equal to about 12 cloves of regular garlic. Oh yes, there WILL be farting.

Want some? Y'all come on over!


Kendra said...

HAAA! You make me laugh at 7:50 in the morning!! I want some!! Enjoy your chili! I bet I would like yours better then anyone else's I've had - I've never been a big chili fan, but I DO like the ones with beans in it more than meat!

Beck said...

We love chili. Chili WITH beans. Enjoy!

Jane said...

Yummy!!!! I'd love to come on over and sit in the kitchen with you over a bowl of chili. I recently had a bowl of white chili that was one of the best things I ever tasted. It had chicken and white beans. I can't find a decent recipe for it :((

Happy weekend to you, awesome woman!!!

Wanda said...

Yummy, I'll be over with the garlic bread. Am I the only old "fart" that remembers the song:)

"Beans, beans, the musical fruit, the more you eat, the more you toot, the more you toot, the better you feel, so we'll have beans at every meal"

(((smiling and tooting)))

Trish Ryan said...

You are too funny. Never before has it occurred to me to be grateful I got to know you (and your bean chili) during warm weather, when the windows were all wide open...


Kristen said...

Excuse me - how is it that I never had your chili in all the time we've known each other?!?? And now I have to buy a plane ticket to get some? Sheesh! ;-)

LEstes65 said...

Kendra: I'd make you a fan. Plus, you're my cousin so you'd have to pretend even if you hated it.

Beck: I did. And I'm bloated from it!

Jane: You would have been a great addition to our dinner tonight.

Wanda: I never knew the "better you feel" part! How fun!

Trish: I served my chili in 90-something degree weather. Thank goodness for AC!

Kristen: There's no way I would have made my chili for your hubby! He has made the most amazing chili and I would have been scared to serve him. I'll make some when I'm up there next time!