Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Answering Trish & 'Pepsi Can'

By popular (and regrettable) demand, I present to you....Pepsi Can.

There's this pepsi can.
It's just sitting on my desk.
And amongst all the junk
it stands out.
Surrounded by pictures
with so much to say...or
bright colored paper
that demands your attention,
it just sits there...
Surrounded by an artistic din
of confusion
this pepsi can just sits.
It doesn't jump out
and shout a message.
You see, I think it's secure.
It's just pepsi.
That old reliable
Frosty Bev.

*for Conrad Payphone 01-13-1985

And now to answer Trish...
The other day, Trish was asking people if they journaled and how. So I find it funny that I found some old poetry and a couple of journals. The journals that were trying to pour out my heart are, at best, yicky. It's really hard to re-read that time in my life. No wait. It's not hard to read about that point in my life. It's hard to read how I wrote about that point in my life. I used to journal with the full understanding that, if it's written down somewhere, it can be read. I have never understood people that journal thinking no one will ever read this. If that's the case, why aren't you writing it down and burning it? So my friends who would inevitably get their journals read and just die of embarrassment, I never got that. I knew some snooping person would get to mine. So I wrote to a rather ambiguous "you". Much like how I blog.

So since I wasn't journaling strictly for me, I was writing to an imagined (and of course very hip) audience. I was a drama queen to begin with. But writing to my adoring readers, that just added a whole new level of embarrassment for the current me.

But I found one journal gem. I had purchased this really cool mini journal with a fabric cover, splashed with color. At the time (back in 1988), I traveled a lot. It became my travel journal. Or my Log O' Boredom. During layovers, in hotels, on the T (Boston subway), wherever I had a minute, I'd write about where I was. When I was just writing about where I was, why I was there and what I was doing, I was refreshingly brief (is that possible for me?) and funny without being stupid. Unfortunately, I was so wrapped up in life and - most likely - my other drama journal that there are only a few entries in this journal. From 1988-1991. But some of the entries were great memory joggers.

Excerpt from 05-06-89 NEGRIL Jamaica (5pm):
OK. Our hotel room door doesn't quite work. Um...let me put it this way: I'm locked IN and Johanna is locked OUT. She has promised to get me food.

Note at the bottom of a page from 08-24-89 BOSTON MA:
If ignorance is bliss, then I work with some of the most contented people on earth.

That one made me laugh. Especially since I'm always telling people how blissful I feel at work. HA!

Here are some doodles from the same journal:
07-27-88 - a Next Page arrow

08-17-89 - drawing of my new short hair (it was super long before this)
08-22-89 - A big giant Paisley P - I have no idea who or what inspired this.

There you have it.


Sarakastic said...

was the letter p maybe also inspired by pepsi? I had no idea you were such an artist I tried to quickly draw a next arrow that was so cool & it just wasn't. did you get the 80's haircut with a tail?

LEstes65 said...

I got the 80's haircut when I had hair almost to my butt. So I left a tail. At this point, the tail was still a teeny bit respectable. I quickly cut it off when it was on every idiot on MTV.

In the 90's, I decided to go kind of punk. More like the comic book "Love & Rockets". I wanted to be the friendly punk that changed everyone's views that punks were scary. It didn't work. But it was fun for a few years to just go nuts with fashion, hair and piercings.

I'm dull now. It's all out of my system.

Wanda said...

Why hadn't I picked up on you being the artist!!!! Love your journal pages.

Allie said...

Wow, your journal was a lot more attractive than mine!

Mary Ann said...

Your drawings look like fabric designs or designs for beaded purses. Or just really great artwork! You could blow that last one up, put it on one of your walls.

Jane said...

Oh, this is such a fantastic post Lynette!! I love those drawings from your old journals. I've been using a journal, on and off, since I was 25. In the past year or two, I write every day. I make my own journals (no surprise there) and I use heavy card stock paper that I can use with glue, paint, markers and such. At one point when my ex moved out, I started a journal for each of my kids. I wrote to them everyday and will give them the journals when they graduate from high school.