Monday, October 22, 2007

Oh Me Achin' BACK!

Allow me to kvetch here to all you wonderful people out there in the dark!

I don't know what's going on. But yesterday, my back started giving me real problems. Thankfully, it's all muscular. Nerve pain, I can't take. My lower back muscles have gone on strike and apparently feel I need to be punished. I can only think they feel this way due to the inconsideration I showed in forcing them to sit in hard airport gate chairs for 6 hours. And then in the deceptively stiff airplane seat for another almost 5 hours. So yes, given the torture I put my back through, I guess I must pay.

Saturday night, I didn't sleep well because every time I rolled or moved, my back would send shock waves of pain radiating through me. That's fun. On the way to church on Sunday, I drove with my back pressed as hard as I could against the driver's seat back. My back relaxed enough to let me set up the food service and sing. And the worship ROCKED - let me tell you. (And as a note from my last post - yes, my lip gloss ended up all over the microphone. Note to self: apply lip gloss AFTER singing.)

Last night, I slept pretty much flat on my back. Which I only do if I'm in real pain. I'm a roller and flopper and stomach-sleeper. But last night, I was a flat-on-her-back-and-don't-move sleeper. I got The Boy off to school by driving him the measly distance down to the bus stop. I returned home with Lil' Bro and chose to rest on the couch while he watched some TV. When I got up to get him ready for day care, I could barely move. His day care called because we were a bit late. I told her I wasn't sure how I could get him to her house. She came to pick him up. Have I mentioned that my neighbors are the most amazing collection of people?

So I called my boss to say, guess what - I'm not sitting at a desk all day with this pain! I found a comfy position on the couch for a while. But it didn't last. So I just got off the phone with my doc's office and have an appointment in about an hour. It is amazing how absolutely tight and seized up my back muscles are. The only thing that can help right now are muscle relaxants. Not exactly the favored option for a mom of two young boys. When they get home, I'll just have to explain that mommy's muscle structure has been replaced with Jell-O and they will need to do quite a bit for themselves.

Ok. That's all the whining I have at the moment. This sitting position is losing its charm.


4:27pm Edited: Mom drove me to the doc. Neighbors got The Boy from the bus stop (again with the awesome neighbors). The doc confirmed my back muscles were basically a giant chunk of granite. She gave me a shot to relax the muscles immediately. The perscriptions would take a while. That shot RULES. I can stand & sit. I can actually move without screaming. That's a good thing. I just took the first of my 3 different perscription drugs. So I'm hoping the rest of my day and evening find me as flexible. Or more!!

Thank you God for moms and neighbors and doctors and nurses and magic-burning-shots and CVS and good drugs. AMEN!


Kristen said...

Oh no - I wish I was there to help! Maybe the doctor can give you something besides muscle relaxant? I hope you're back to normal very soon. :-(

Wanda said...

Oh I hope you are doing better now. Love and Hugs :}

Sarakastic said...

did the doctor say how long this will last? feel better!

LEstes65 said...

Kristen: I wish you were here, too. But I wish you LIVED here. HA!

Wanda: I'm doing much better since getting the shot and taking the first meds.

Sarakastic: she didn't say how long. But my experience with family members that had this is that you want to take the muscle relaxers for at least 4 nights before trying a day without them.

Allie said...

That does not sound like fun. I hope you feel perfectly normal again soon.

Angela Marie said...

I know what an achin' back feels like. It limits you.. it hurts.

You have such great neighbors! I think it would give me much comfort to know that they are there and want to be if I had neighbors like that. I think that could make a world of difference. I am happy for you!

Stacy said...

So, lots of good drugs in your world? ;) Sorry to hear about the back pain.

Darlene said...

pain pain go away
don't come back another day

Aren't some drugs amazing???

Thank God for em!

prayers go out to you, sweetness

xox darlene

Trish Ryan said...

Wow-Hooray for your awesome neighbors! I'm so sorry about your back (consider healing prayer covered, here in Boston) but I have to admit I'm captivated by the unlikely new truth in your world that you have to make mental memos about when to apply your lipgloss!!!

Do I sense a pair of sparkly elbow enhancers in your future???