Friday, October 12, 2007

Wanda Rocking Once Again

Dude, seriously. Could Wanda rock any harder?

I went to the mailbox just now. Actually, haven't been in two days. So it might have actually been sitting there for me. But there was a lovely little package from Wanda! I opened it and found a sweet ribbon wrapped stack of cards. The top one is the old truck that I love.

I opened the packet and found an assortment of cards made from some of her paintings. I don't want to send any of these anywhere!!! I want to frame each one. Maybe I will. I have multiple old trucks. So maybe I'll part with some of those. And I have a girl in white - I can part with that since I have a larger framed print. But the others may just end up in frames of their own - filling gaps in my walls.

Wanda, you so totally rock.


j said...

wow! go wanda!

Sarakastic said...

whoa! wanda rocks!

Kristen said...

Yay, Wanda!! The Halloween ones are so cute. :-)

Trish Ryan said... gorgeous. Wanda, you're amazing. have my address, right???


Mary Ann said...

Love the truck! Wow, what a surprise.

Angela Marie said...

That is wonderful!