Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Awesome Blogger Chicks RULE!

I have to tell you, I'm sitting here typing this while on the phone, listening to the fabulous Jane tell me a story about how she recently connected with Trish through this bloggy world. We've just been talking about how we've made these intense deep connections with people we've never met...through a blog!

We've both found such amazing support through all of our Awesome Blogger Chicks. I find it so funny that God has used this cyber journal community to minister to me.

I was just telling Jane about how when I mention MySpace or "blogging" to people, very often I am met with disgusted responses. I think a lot of people know nothing about online communities. They only know MySpace because of some article on 20/20 about underage girls getting phished by 45 yr old truckers. When they hear "blog", they think of what a dorky term that is for crazy loners who just want to journal a bunch of lies to impress people they don't know.

Online communities are a tool like any other. Any tool can be used or abused. And in the right hands, it turns into a wonderful community like this one.

I think of Wanda sending me a print of her water color to hang in an empty space left by the departing future ex. I think of Jane who will meet me for the first time in Boston in a couple of months (and we're planning other trips already for 2008!!). I think of all of you who have shared your own divorce stories with me - you have NO idea how much hope you have instilled in me. I can't wait until my next trip to California to see my birth-mom. I'm gonna drag her up to visit Darlene, Angela & Wanda! I love all of the wonderfully creative, hysterical women I've met here - like Sarakastic, Beck, JenKneeBee, Ellesappelle, Stacy. And the connection to established friends (Kristen) and family (cousins Kendra & Monica and their mom Brenda) is icing on the cake.

I know there are still some friends & family who think I'm just making weird connections with a bunch of cyber stalkers. But I am truly amazed and thankful for the real friendships I'm making and maintaining here. The lifeline this place provided for me during the first few months of my divorce...I cannot tell you how that helped. When I couldn't stand to show my face in public around my home, you guys were a loving supportive haven. I could come to you, tear-stained and puffy. I could have eyes flaming red and snot pouring from my nose and you guys didn't care. Well, ok, granted you didn't know, either. But still. It was my safety zone of unconditional love.

And how totally random is it that so many of you are - what I call - "God people". Honestly, I didn't really start out as a strictly Christian blog site. I was open with both my faith and my fallibility (is that a word?). But I wasn't out strictly to find Christians or God people. But here you all are. Now tell me God doesn't use blogs to unite people!

Jane and I finally hung up - giddy with our plans of travel and becoming strong independent single women through God just in time for him to plop the perfect man in our laps. I suppose I should go to bed. Just had to tell you all good night and I love you.



Sarakastic said...

I guess this means that I should stop stalking... but I do agree, it's neato what's been created here

Beck said...

Aw. I'm so glad that you've found support and friends through your blog - what a wonderful thing!

Allie said...

Hooray for blogging!! I love it too, and all the random people I've "met". It is hard to explain it to people, I agree.

Jane said...

Well, of course you know I love you to...you just TOTALLY ROCK. Funny because I do get the same reactions when I tell people about blogging. They can't imagine sharing any of their life with strangers. Little do these same people know or understand the power of these connections. True, we start out putting our thoughts out to the cyber world, but deep connections are made...just look at us!

My life has changed for the better since I've been involved with all of this.

Love you!!!

Angela Marie said...

Awwww Lynette! I love you too! It's funny, I don't tell very many people that I have a blog. There reaction is kinda scary. Then they are telling me to be careful, and asking me if I use my "real" name... (laughing)

You know what sweetie, my mom reads you... she will ask me questions. She thinks that you are great!


OH!!! The River Walk in San Antonio! That was taken two years ago at Robs basic training graduation.