Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Fun Meme While I Ponder Sharing Secrets

I pilfered this fun meme from Moanna. I tag all my ABCs (Awesome Blogger Chicks). I may or may not post some deep dark secrets later. I tend to like holding myself accountable in this forum. Especially since you all are such great supporters and tend to forgive my human imperfections quicker than I do.

Here is the meme from Moanna's page (and I have to say it's hard to limit my answers to only 4. Maybe we should redo this meme with "20" replacing all the 4's. HA!):

4 jobs I have had
Prep Cook (people loved my biscuits)
Bouncer (people loved my attitude)
Collection Services Analyst (people loved my bad punk fashion)
Programmer (people of the above?)

4 places I have lived
SanFran/SanJose, California
Raleigh, North Carolina
Boston, Massachusetts
Austin, Texas

4 places I have holidayed
London/Cornwall (in one trip)
Texas/NewMexico (in one trip)
SanFran/Wine Country (in one trip)

4 favorite foods
Stuffed Shells or anything like it
Chocolate _________ (almost anything can fit in that blank)
My Brisket - which I'm making on Thanksgiving!!!

4 places I'd rather be (*my personal caveat is my kids are either with me or it's a given that they're ok and I return to them quickly)
SanFran & surrounding areas with my birth-mom's family (fitting in a jaunt to see Wanda, Darlene & Angela)
Philly with Jane
Where JenKneeBee takes all those pictures in Colorado
Canada in the summer and I would totally beg Beck to cook for me

Ok. I'll let you know if I'm feeling confessional later.


Moanna said...

You were a bouncer?? This is so funny. But I can understand the wish to be in Canada in summer. I shoulda thought of that one.

And, secrets would be good now. Come on, we won't tell anybody. :)

Sarakastic said...

I don't think I've ever known a bouncer before. Canada is wicked awesome!

Stacy said...

Great answers! I would do the meme, but I think I've already done that one before.

Beck said...

Canada can be pretty sweltering in the summer, but I'd be more than happy to cook for you.

Wanda said...

We really need to do #4!! What a blast we would have!!

Angela Marie said...

I am up for it!
Let me know sweetie!
We will make it happen!