Monday, November 12, 2007

Seeing a Few Tics, Some Thoughts & Some Pix

Greetings Earthlings.

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Seeing a Few Tics
I've been seeing a few tics with The Boy today. Actually, I noticed a couple at church this past Sunday. I can't remember what he did on Sunday. I just remember being up on stage, rehearsing some songs and looking down. I remember thinking, hmmm...his face is tic-ing. Haven't seen that in a while.

Tonight, as he watched the long awaited Sponge Bob movie, I was looking at him and saw the exaggerated blinking thing. We had our neighbors over for some of my home made chili tonight. I saw him running around with their son and noticed a few exaggerated blinks with some raised eyebrow movements as he ran. Interesting. I won't panic. I'm just sitting here trying to think if there were any stresses in his day. He didn't mention anything unusual at school. So...maybe he's just tired? Maybe it's just part of the normal waxing and waning of his tics. I'll let you know.

Either way, he's still ridiculously cute. Just kills me. I love when he smiles at me. Or when he comes around the corner going, "Mom?" as if he needs to ask me something. Then just goes, "I love you," and runs off. Man, I am storing that away to remember during his adolescence!

Some Thoughts
Can I just tell you that my home made chili rocks? I'm not bragging. I'm just telling you I've eaten it every day since I made it on Saturday. Seriously. I could eat chili every day. Except for the days that I would want to eat enchiladas.

I'm currently reading a bible study done on the book of Acts. It's a study done by my former Boston church (Trish's church). I think of it as the Cambridge Vineyard but they're now the Greater Boston Vineyard. Which begs the question if there is a lesser Boston feeling all left out.

I've blogged before about this church's concept of The 40 Days of Faith. Well, it's usually done as a whole church during the Lenten period. A very powerful thing - when prayer is approached as a unified group - all in agreement! They have this amazing guy who works up these bible studies for each year. They post them on their site and I've downloaded every one of them to my computer. And I read them as my bible time. I'm not quite to the point where I can open a bible, read an entire book and glean the myriad of information that is there - if you know historical context, geographic significance, ancient Jewish culture, Roman culture, etc. I get quite a bit more than the average bear. But not like this guy does. And he presents it in a way that doesn't bore the snot out of me. I really have trouble sticking to the daily readings. I usually want to keep reading and end up reading about 7 days worth in one sitting. If you're wanting to read the bible but feel like you might want some guidance or insights but aren't really sure how to get that? Check these studies out. I think you'll like them. I've already read the Luke & Genesis studies. I'm planning on reading the Mark study next.

Some Pix
I've been enjoying the pictures other people are sharing. I just picked a couple more to show you today for some fun. I'll show you some of my siblings.

Here is my first day home from the Babies R Us store. I mean adoption agency. Or foster home. I've always said it was my first day home from the adoption agency but it's not like they kept me in a filing cabinet or in the infant aisle filed under "3 month olds". Notice the crankypants baby. Notice the high-tech baby seat. Notice the care with which my 2 yr old Big Sis is touching my arm. Or maybe she's going, "Mommy, how do I shut her up?" Notice the joy in my Oldest Bro's eyes. He obviously realizes I will idolize him for the rest of time. He's psyched. Check out the look on Middle Bro's face. It's like, "Yup. Great. Another one."

This one I love. Big Sis loves me enough to attempt to pop my head off. If it were not such a giant melon of a head, it may have just popped off. But this is no ordinary head. That's a Fegley/Ledgerwood head. They don't come much bigger or thicker-skulled than that. My sister and I have quite a few pictures like this. And by "this" I mean, showing the disproportionate gi-normous-osity of my head. Check it: I'm three. She's almost five. My head is way bigger than hers. I have other pictures that make this point in a much more comical fashion but this is what I had at hand. I also love the disinterest I have in her adoration. I'm all, "Dude, could you let GO so I could check out this baby bottle more?" I also love the cameo of Oldest Bro and a smidge of Middle Bro's head.

Oh this is gold. GOLD I TELL YAH! This is the first day of school, 1971. Like I needed to tell you the date with THOSE clothes screamin' off the screen? I'm pretty sure mom made those matching dresses. I was rockin' that mini dress and those navy blue lace-ups. This was my first real school - first grade. We had just moved to this town in Connecticut. Middle Bro now has a son that looks almost just like that - except more contemporary. Big Sis has freaking gorgeous hair, does she not? She was long & lanky even back then. Good thing she takes such good care of me because I'd have to hate her otherwise. I just love the stupid pose I'm doing. Far be it from me to just let someone take a normal picture of me.

And there you go.


Beck said...

What great pictures! And what's funny is how contemporary middle brother still looks - that outfit would STILL be fine, because Boy Clothes just do not change.

Wanda said...

You can make dorkie faces all you want...but Lynette you are a beauty, them and now!!! Love the them.

Trish Ryan said...

This is fabulous, fabulous stuff. You had quite the stylin' attitude there on the first day of school. Like something from a L&T catalog...

Allie said...

Cute pics! I love the clothes, and especially Middle Bro's glasses :) I hope Liam's tic gets under control again.

Kendra said...

Oh How I loved taking a peek at those treasures!!!! I love it that you can totally see personality of you and my other cousins just by looking at those "early years" shots!!!