Friday, November 16, 2007

Strange Movies That Make Me Cry

And by strange, I don't mean the movie is strange. I mean that it's strange that THIS particular movie would make me cry.

Cars. Yes. You heard me. I said 'Cars', as in the Disney/Pixar animated movie. About cars. Hence the pithy title. If you've never watched it, rent it. No, BUY it. It's that good. The animation is still the best there is - in my humble opinion. The story is adorable. The characters are endearing and will get under your skin (like Luigi & Guido).

I have seen this movie about 952 times, thanks to Lil' Bro. And I have to tell you, even when I'm not watching it and just within ear or eye shot, there are 2 scenes that can still make me cry.

1) The final race when Lightening McQueen suddenly hears Doc Hudson's voice in his headset and realizes all his friends from Radiator Springs have come to be his pit crew. Yes. I'm a dork. But I'm telling you, I choke up.

2) The final race when Chick has totalled The King. Lightening stops inches short of the finish line and victory in order to back up and push the wrecked The King over the finish line. Redemption in animated cars. Amazing.

I'll also tell you that I have actually jumped out of my seat and cheered when Guido does his incredible pit stop in the final race. When the mustaches fall off of Chick's crew, I pee myself laughing.

So there you have it. One of my many guilty secrets. There are tons of movies that make me cry. The Color Purple, A Room With A View, White Christmas, Scrooge. But those are all supposed to make you cry.

I'm the idiot scaring all the little kids at the matinee because I'm crying over a high-tech cartoon.



JenKneeBee said...

If it makes you feel better, Finding Nemo made me cry twice. Haven't watched it since :)

Trish said...

My niece & nephew watched Cars 72 times when we went on vacation this summer. Somehow I never caught the whole thing. Now at least I know I'll need tissue!

Moanna said...

Had to laugh at your posting, sorry but it was really funny, then saw Trish's comment. 72 viewings of Cars????? I'd need another vacation after that just to recover. LOL

ukrainiandiva said...

You know, Lion King still makes me cry just about every time I watch it, if that makes you feel any better...

Also, we were having Veteran's Day chapel last week and I started just bawling when they had all the old veterans go on the stage. My friends gave me lots of funny looks, because apparently I was the only one who was tha affected.

Sarakastic said...

Lion King makes me cry as well & not even at the normal parts, just when Timon & Pumba help Simba, gets me everytime

LEstes65 said...

Nemo - forget about it! I'm a mess all through that one.

Lion King I saw in theaters. Was horrified at the uncontrollable sobbing that accompanied the opening scene (all the animals are coming to see the new prince).

Robots - where Rodney finally comes home with the spare parts his dad needs? I'm done for.

The Incredibles when the villain takes Jack Jack? And the mom is panicky and screams, "Throw ME!" Yah. I cried.

There's a Lilo & Stitch movie (Stitch Gets A Glitch or something) where I can't take the part where Lilo thinks Stitch is dead and she's crying over him and her tears bring him back. Are you KIDDING ME?! I die.

I. AM. A. SAP.

Kendra said...

I tear up in those same spots. Donny thinks I'm a goober for it! Glad to know I'm not alone . .