Friday, November 02, 2007

Quick Hello

I'm trying to catch up with everyone's blogs. So keeping you up to date on mine.

Yesterday, my two gorgeous cousins - Kendra & Monica - arrived at my house. YEAH! They had a 3+ hr drive. Not so bad. Especially in Texas where - as I heard it put today - that's just a jaunt down the road. But they were in a minivan with 4 kids: one 2 months old, one 19 months old, one 4 yrs old, and one 6 yrs old (I think). And they arrived looking beautiful and cheerful. I probably would have gotten out of a similar minivan, slammed the door, declared myself off limits, and gone looking for the hard liquor. I kid.

So today, Kendra and her oldest went in to Austin to see their doctor. Monica bravely stayed home with Kendra's other two boys, her own 2 month old and my almost-4-yr-old. And she did it while looking like a beauty pageant winner. Seriously, these girls are all sorts of perfect.

I quit work a bit early when The Boy got home from school. We packed up all 6 kids and 3 adults and drove up to this HUGE play scape near my mom's new house. The kids ran around and played - braving quite a few yellow-jackets that were flying around the apparatus making us moms nervous. After an hour, we rounded them all up and ran home to grab new clothes for the 19 month old who explored a bit too close to some very slippery mud. Then we all drove to the Cracker Barrel restaurant and feasted on way too many pancakes and biscuits. Heaven!

Tonight, all 4 big boys are asleep in The Boy's room. The Boy is up in his loft bed. Lil' Bro is under the loft bed on a pallet. Kendra's oldest two are sharing my inflatable mattress. It's so cute seeing all 4 of them crammed in there. It's total cousin heaven. The other two wee ones are in their respective pack 'n' plays. The little 2 month old is actually in my walk-in closet. It's dark & quiet in there. She's been sleeping quite well in there, actually. The 19 month old is in my room. And my two cousins are sharing my big bed. I'm on a single mattress on my office floor (thus this late-night posting).

My boys have had such a great time hanging with their cousins. I love hearing their little conversations. Some are light and fun and some are all seriousness. We watched quite a long session of rock/paper/scissors between The Boy and Kendra's Oldest. We watched them all run around like maniacs, playing without a care in the world. We watched them work out sharing issues. We used quite a bit of water bathing all 5 boys tonight. It totally rocked.

I will post some pictures tomorrow. Along with this year's Halloween pix, too.

They all leave early tomorrow. Sad that I can't keep them all weekend. But at least we only live a short "jaunt down the road".


Allie said...

Growing up I never had cousins my age- I have LOTS of cousins but they were all at least twenty years older than me -and when I watch all my nieces and nephews together I feel quite envious of them. I also hope that by the time I have kids, my siblings are still procreating, because I'd hate my kids to be the only ones not in on the fun.

Sarakastic said...

When I was a little kid & family came to visit, whoever got to sleep in the office won because you could play computer whenever you wanted so congrats on the coveted room

Wanda said...

I had lots of cousins growing up...we had so much fun, and felt as close as sisters and brothers. In fact when I was 11 I fell in love with one of my boy cousins, and was sure I would grow up to marry the time I was 13 he seemed yukky!! Kids!! You gotta love them.

Monica said...

We had so much fun with you guys. Sorry you got sick after we left........ I really hope we didn't bring the bug. I guess we all really did share lots. : ) It was fun memories for the boys for sure. I think Annie was just happy to make it out without a scratch.

Kendra said...

I'm laughing at your description of Moni and I as "beauty queens" . . .not the first thought when I take a look-see in the mirror! ha! Who else can say that they spent a couple of days with 5 boys under 7 years of age plus a little one and be excited about their time together?? I love being with you and your family. Thanks again for sharing your space, your time, and your family! So sorry for the puke fest after we left!!!

Stacy said...

Sounds like a good weekend. I always loved spending time with cousins as a kid. Still do actually.