Friday, November 09, 2007

Some Pix For Your Viewing Pleasure

Thanks for all your kind words on my last post. Jane turned me on to LibraryThing. If you scroll down, you'll see that I have a list of the authors I've posted on there so far (bottom left). Feel free to go see just how much myth/fantasy/sciFi I've recalled from my fractured short-term memory. And it does crack me up that it's all mostly that and then you'll find a Tolstoy or historical reference book in there. Pretty funny. As Moanna said - I would throw Amazon off when they did the "people who bought this book also bought this..."

On to the pictures. And I apologize to any of you with narrow bandwidth or ancient dial up technology. But here we go.

As promised - pix of the Halloween costumes. The Boy is Pikachu (a Pokemon). Lil' Bro is a puppy. A sound chip in one paw barked when pressed. Too cute.

The Boy as Pikachu

Lil' Bro as a puppy

Let's see...what else? Oh here are some shots to illustrate the whole apple falling from the tree thing.

The charming Fingers In The Nostrils pose

Silly yes, but very cute, too.

Oh here's a good one. I'm impressed because this was taken from my 16th story balcony in a Boston hotel back in October. This was from my camera phone, hand held. Not too shabby. But this was the view from my hotel. It's over looking the theater district in Boston. It totally rocked. That's the financial district making up the skyline. A full moon. It was incredible. I just sat there with my sliding door open for a long time - sitting on the bed staring at this.

Full moon over Boston

Here's a shot of me. I wanted to capture one of my fun times talking to Jane on the phone. Jane, now you know just exactly how much of a dork I am.

Dork on phone

And lastly, I'll introduce you to Buddy. Buddy is Lil' Bro's favorite most specialist puppy in the world. He's actually an Old Navy plush puppy rattle. I have two tan ones like this, a pink one and a blue one. All backups in case Buddy is lost. However, Lil' Bro knows the difference. So there would be no substitutions. Just a mourning period and an adjustment to another stuffed animal. Most likely one of the other Old Navy plush rattle dogs. But Buddy rocks.

L to R: me, Buddy, Lil' Bro

There you go. Just a few shots for you.



Sarakastic said...

I need a tshirt that says heartbreaker on it, & that picture of Boston is incredible

Kristen said...

Yay - pictures!!! I love seeing pics of the boys. And the "Dork on phone" caption made me laugh so hard that A ran out of the other room to see what was so funny. Hope you're having a good weekend! Love you!

ellesappelle said...

Cuuuuuute! I am reverting into prehistoric woman squeals. That puppy costume is gorgeous, and I love the heartbreaker t-shirt too.

Moanna said...

The Pokemon costume is great and I love love love the photo of Boston. Wow.

And thanks for the link! I still can't get over your booklist. LOL

Trish Ryan said...

Such cuteness! You, the boys, the stuffed pup--such good stuff! And you do "Dork on the phone" better than anyone I've ever known. I'm happy that you'll be bringing your dork self back here to Boston for a visit soon!

JenKneeBee said...

They have got to be some of the cutest kids ever :)

Wanda said...

Oh I loved all the pictures, but my favorites are the "Dork" and the fingers in the nose!!! Mat and frame.....maybe not!!