Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dear Blogger People With Your Profiles Set to Private,

I am a big fan of anonymity. I really am. But those of you that have set your Blogger profiles to private while insisting on leaving comments asking me to come try your product (not you, pest control dude), yah...I'm thinking anonymity is just cowardice. Those of you that leave me your email addresses in the comments, well, at least you have the cajones to let me contact you.

But here's my thing. I'm just a schmo doing a blog chat thing with my girls (and assorted guys). No, I don't want to do a free trial of your anti-tic stuff because your website won't tell me thing one about any ingredient without me first trying to order it. I'm good. Move on.

Here's a good rule of thumb: leave me heart felt comments like the rest of my friends here. See how that works? Don't leave me adverts. I just delete them. And get annoyed. And that's no fun.


Tourette's Mom


Sarakastic said...

Does this mean that I can interest you in my pyramid err multi level marketing opportunity?

JenKneeBee said...

And I can't leave comments about how you too can make $500,000 in one year selling insurance from home? RUDE! :)

Carol Beth said...

jenkneebee--WOW, $500,000? I'm in! Or I would be, if I hadn't just responded to this awesome e-mail that came to me about the online lottery I won. Just waiting for the money to come in, and it should be soon since I sent them my bank account info and SSN yesterday. This sure is my lucky week!

Wanda said...

I know a great bridge for sale in Arizona ~~ Just send me your SS# and I'll send you the packet!!!

Mary Ann said...

The comments here made me laugh! You have such great friends.