Monday, June 02, 2008

My Honda Vomitorium

Now if that title doesn't whet your appetite, I don't know what will!

As I mentioned in my last post, Lil' Bro was sick on Friday. Saturday & Sunday found him rather punky but doing ok. He was more tired than usual. Lighter appetite. But after a day of yarfing, why would I think that strange?

At church, he was normal. He snarfed about 952 pieces of the watermelon (normal). He fought with the pastor's kid in class while trying to "share" the train set (normal). He ran around chasing Pokemon Boy and all the other kids after church (normal). He ate about half a cheeseburger at lunch (pretty normal for being post puke).

Last night, we were driving over to my parents' house for a light dinner. We were almost done with the 7 minute drive when I heard a cough and then the dreaded splattering. Lil' Bro was a font of yick. Four times over in quick succession. All I did was keep saying stuff like, "It's ok buddy - just let it out!" He was asking, "Is it my fault mommy?" So while I faked the total mommy calm, I dialed my mom and informed her of the wonders that were about to be in her driveway.

Mom met me in the driveway with towels, rags and wet washcloths. Have I mentioned that I have the best mom in the world? Pokemon Boy bailed and ran into the house to regale my dad with the horror of "his" ordeal.

Mom and I stripped Lil' Bro, hosed him down, and got him into one of mom's t-shirts. If he hadn't been totally devoid of color, it would have been adorable. Then we spent the better part of the next 40 minutes pulling everything out of the car, hosing it down, wiping things down, spraying things down, etc. It was a study in stomach control. It's the glamor of being a mom and grandma. But it doesn't make it any less gross.

I got Lil' Bro bathed while mom put everything washable in her washing machine. After everything was as clean and dry as humanly possible, I took Lil 'Bro home and got him into bed. Pokemon Boy stayed at my parents' house.

Lil' Bro woke up dry heaving. Mom brought Pokemon Boy home and stayed with Lil' Bro while I took Pokemon Boy to his first day of summer camp.

This is just one in a long string of illnesses for Lil' Bro. I took him to the doc because I don't like long strings of illness. I want it documented and checked. I don't want something awful happening and someone going, "Why didn't you take him to the doctor after the 42nd illness?"

The doc confirmed my thoughts: it's just another virus he's having to deal with. It's his first year in day care and his immune system is having to adjust. Trial by fire, as it were. Pokemon Boy did the same thing back in kindergarten. The doc also confirmed that this virus is highly contagious. Which makes me wish I hadn't brought the Honda Vomitorium and it's passengers to my parents' house last night. *sigh*

It's just another weekend that reminds me that I would not be able to do this whole single-mom thing without God totally hooking me up with a ginormous support system. First on that awesome list is my mom & dad.

Being a mom is all glamor, man. I need to get me a tiara. I want the diamonds to spell out "God Rocks!" Think they'd make me one?


Sarakastic said...

How is it that I don't' have tiara people? I will find some though because you deserve it

Kristen said...

Oh my gosh - I think you've seen enough vomit for several lifetimes! You and your mom are quite the superwomen. :-) I hope Lil' Bro gets all better very soon. Poor little man.

Carol Beth said...

Okay, if you have the cash to buy a diamond tiara, I have NOT been mooching off you enough! :D I've been praying for you guys and hope Lil' Bro is feeling better today.

ellesappelle said...

You have such cool parents. You're pretty cool yourself.
Last year I lived with a one year old kid who spent three days a week in daycare. She caught some WEIRD bugs. But as her parents who are doctors say, it's all building up her immune system :)
I hope Lil' Bro gets well soon. And the rest of you don't catch anything.

Wanda said...

You poor thing ~~ that's a lot of up-chucking!!

I hope Lil' Bro is feeling much much better soon, and you can get your life back to a somewhat normal state...which I'm sad to day doesn't happen until they leave for college!!
You are such a good momma!!

Sarah said...

Yes you really are a brilliant Mummy xx