Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

I never posted about Mother's Day. I think we were still rotating illnesses at that point. Our Mother's Day dinner at my house was postponed about 2 weeks, I think. But needless to say, my boys made my day awesome. I had multiple home made cards from Pokemon Boy. I received two ceramic tiles, one painted by each boy. They made these at church. Totally adorable. I have them up on the mantle piece. So my Mother's Day rocked. And we spoiled my mom, too. I even got something for my BigSis because she's the mommy to the cutest dog and cat in the world.

Father's Day was a weird day for me. I started my day by asking God to remove the anger and keeping me from getting all pissy and grumpy. As usual, he came through in spades. I had a few people tell me Happy Father's Day - since I'm both parents most days. I liked that. But listening to the Father's Day spots on KLOVE got to me. They said stuff like, "Because he's the man who holds the whole family together..." I'm sure I wasn't the only one wanting to spit at my radio. But I know they are honoring all the good fathers out there. And it's good to know they are out there. So really, my eye rolling was just between me and God. A snide private joke of sorts.

The actual day was awesome. My church celebrated the baptism of 6 people. Five kids and one adult. That's pretty cool. And since we meet in an elementary school, we don't have our own baptismal. But what we DO have is rockin'! We have a horse trough! Yes. A real one. I don't think it's been used for anything other than baptisms. But I love it! A horse trough in Texas. What else would you use?

I taught the infants on Sunday. Which means I helped them put stickers on their Father's Day framed pictures. Which translates to me and the other two adults basically peeling stickers that were placed over the kids' faces and putting them somewhere else on the frame. Very cute to hand those out to the dads.

After church, we all went outside to the front of the school. The trough was filled and already warm (the triple degree weather was good for something). It was so cool to see these kids baptized by our pastor and their own dads. I was holding Lil' Bro and he kept going, "I don't WANNA do this!!" I think he thought we were all going to take our turn. So I told him he wouldn't do it unless he chose to. Pokemon Boy asked if anyone was going to die doing this - he doesn't put his head under water so I imagine this was rather unsettling for him. Afterwards, we all went inside for cake.

After church, we headed to BigSis's house. She and TallHubby had fixed steak & shrimp on the grill. Mmmmm! Mom had made a squash casserole and peach cobbler. Needless to say, I rolled home.

It was a good day. I had no funk. I had no grumpiness. I have a feeling that had to do with a lot of prayer coverage. From my mom and from my aunt Brenda. Probably a few others, to boot. Thanks to anyone who thought of me and sent up a prayer. It was heard!

I started this whole post with the intent of being brief (ha!) and just sharing the boys' pictures with you. These were the pictures taken the week before at church. Then the teachers had those foam frames that we decorated. Pokemon Boy's picture had everyone laughing. And Lil' Bro's shot is just adorable. Enjoy. And Happy Father's Day to all the dads who really do hold their families together. If you have one, take a moment to thank God.

Pokemon Boy

Lil' Bro


mullensfam said...

It looks like Pokemon Boy takes after his mother! Hahaha...I am glad that day was not too bad for you. I was a little worried! We love you! You rock!

Kendra said...

I love those pics - and I really almost didn't recognize Little Bro!!! The hair! It's darker, longer, and he's . .well . .. just grown up all of a sudden! (And looking SO MUCH like his mama). Love them . .

JenKneeBee said...

Oh my GOODNESS you boys are cute! Also, baptisms in a trough!? Craziness.

Jane said...

It all sounds awesome. I'm glad you have such loving support from your parents, boys and church. I totally dig the idea of the horse trough! One more reason for me to get my ass to Texas!

I hear you on the Father's Day front. In my case, it was difficult to pick out a card at the store for them to give him because most of the cards said "how awesome dad is" and "how much they want to be just like him when they grow up" and "the perfect example he sets"....even my kids said they couldn't buy any of those cards because none of the cards were true! How's THAT for brutal child honesty?!

Carol Beth said...

I love the pictures! I hadn't seen Lil' Bro's at church, and it is totally adorable.

I'm really glad it was a good day for you.

Thank you for the so sweet comment you made on my Father's Day post. I have to read it to Jason.

You're the best. :)

Sarakastic said...


Trish Ryan said...

I love that you and God have secret eye roll conversations!

Your attitude in all of this amazes me. God rocks, and it's pretty evident in you.

Maybe we need a baptismal horse tank here in Cambridge?

Wanda said...

What a good post !! And you boys, my goodness are they getting big.

I could never take a picture of my son with a straight face ~~ I had to laugh as it reminded me of how many pics I have of Myk making faces.

Love ya Girlfriend

ellesappelle said...

Your boys are so cute! It made me smile, too, to hear their thoughts on baptism. I used to feel the same way.