Friday, July 06, 2007

Happy Birthday to The Boy!!!

With all my self-absorbed drama lately, I haven't posted much to do with the title of my blog. So let me get back to the original intent for a minute here.

Yesterday was The Boy's 7th birthday. Amazing to me that I have a seven year old. I remember when he was a teeny peanut of a baby, I couldn't imagine what he might be as a speaking toddler. What would his voice sound like. I couldn't wait until he could hug. And he honestly gave the best little hugs - still does. I just can't imagine how I got this wonderful seven year old.

The Boy is so beautiful. So incredibly wonderful. Smart, funny, sensitive, loving...the list goes on. We had a fun fun birthday yesterday. He woke up with a huge smile on his face because it was finally HIS DAY. He had received a gift certificate for Barnes & Noble from our friends in Boston and he couldn't WAIT to get there. We spent a nice long time there while Lil Bro played with the train table and The Boy picked out every dinosaur item he could find. Five books and two stuffed dinos later, we left. We headed to Walmart to find dino-themed party decorations. Found none. So we headed to Party City and found all the dino loot we needed for his "real" party which is next weekend - when everyone gets home from vacation. Then we went to eat at our favorite burger joint, Whataburger. Then off to Target to spend more birthday money. The Boy had a great day. And so did I. I love nothing better than spending a whole day with my boys.

Last night, The Boy informed me that he thinks his Tourette's might be back. His excessive blinking was back a lot yesterday and today. Not sure why. Yesterday, I could guess that it might have to do with me and the future ex. We started the morning with a huge phone fight. I had gone into my room and shut the door. I hoped the boys were sufficiently distracted by the TV but I was wrong. Well into one of my yelling sessions, The Boy walked in and informed me that he didn't want to hear this on his birthday. Score one for bad parenting!

I don't know if that is what triggered the blinking regression. But he told me he feels he can control it. We'll see.

Today, The Boy stayed home from camp again. I had to work but it was nice to have both boys around. I love having them near me.

I have nothing more to report. Pretty dull & boring. My neighbor is coming over tonight once The Boy is in bed. She's going to show me how to use some of that new Bare Minerals or whatever it is makeup. And last night, I dyed my hair a color that The Boy picked out for me (he picked Loreal, too - good taste). So now my hair is a bit darker than normal and minus the plethora of gray. It was fun and made me feel happy. The Boy likes long black hair. So he picked Natural Black. I have a good stylist.

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th!


Allie said...

Happy birthday to Liam!

I know what you mean about being astonished at having a kid who is getting older, despite having no kids myself. My eldest niece has just turned ten - which is the age I was when she was born. Weird!!

Kendra said...

Ok, now I feel better knowing the whole story about the hair color (your family email left that detail out, and I was curious!). I love the sweet baby Liam pic . . .7 years sure did fly fast. Love that boy . .

j said...

Sometimes I wish I lived close by so I could come baby-sit your adorable sounding children. I love that he's 7 and already hooked on Barnes & Noble. Sounds like pretty much the coolest kid ever :)

Beck said...

Happy birthday, Liam!
I know exactly what you mean about it being amazing to have a child turning 7 - my oldest turned EIGHT recently. EIGHT!

Wanda said...

Happy Birthday Liam!! Glad you had such a fun day! What a precious baby picture.

When are you going to post your new hair color??? I just got a new perm yesterday, so I'm Curly Sue today...Will not be posting that!! Needs to grow out a bit!

Angela Marie said...

Happy Birthday to Liam! What a great little boy you have. He sounds like a real gem.

I use Loreal too! I use the Natural something or other in just brown. No high light or low lights. Just brown. And I also use Bare Minerals! I love it! I will never go back to liquid. NEVER!

Sounds like quite a party you have planned! Good luck sweetie!

Sarakastic said...

Liam does have good taste, most little kids probably would've picked pink or blue for your new hair color, which would've made for awesome pictures. Ok, never ask ME what color to dye your hair apparently, cause I too will say pink or blue. late happy birthday Liam