Thursday, July 12, 2007

An Update and The World Domination Meme from Stacy

First a quick update:
Future ex returned to my idiot-free territory today. It started out very awful and very stereotypically - if you've ever heard of cliche divorce moments, we had it today. After he came to pick up the boys (late, I might add), I was just so wound up and pissed off. I called baby sis Brooke and vented to her. Unfortunately, she's been where I've been but her divorce makes mine look like a cake walk. She was sweetly understanding and didn't say things like, "Oh please, girl, that's NOTHING!"

After talking to baby sis, I thought I'd take my own oft-given advice. I prayed. Half-assed prayers work, by the way. I prayed, "OK God, you have to take this anger away. I'm just so mad at him and I have every right to be. But I can't live like this. I can't live in constant conflict," or something to that effect.

God is good. When future ex dropped the boys off (on time, I might add), I felt very calm. And we had a nice talk. I took The Boy to counseling and he took Lil Bro to hang out. We all met back at my house and took the boys for pizza. When we came back, we put them to bed. Then future ex and I had a very long and cathartic talk. I am hoping it is just one of many to come. I know the pendulum will swing wild again. And I warned him not to expect a totally nice zen me all the time. But as he drove off to the hotel, I asked God to help us reach a place of understanding and some kind of friendship. Whether that is this year or a few years from now, I know God will work this miracle.

The World Domination Meme:
Now, on to more fun things. I got this meme from Stacy. She made this one up which makes it way more fun than any other ones I've stolen from her. Stacy is ever so wonderful and clever. I want to be her when I grow up.

You are offered one superhero power to help you take over the world (or the country of your choice). What would your superpower be and why?
Well, first off, let me say I do NOT want to be the ruler of anything. I am not Kirk or Picard. I am more like Spock or Riker. Except not as logical or slutty, respectively. So I'll answer in the context of what power would help me be the right hand man of the ruler (oh say, Stacy or Sarakastic). My superpower would have to be invisibility. I would need stealth to reconnoiter and protect my sovereign. It just seems like an extremely useful talent to have. Although, being able to completely disable a weapon from a distance seems much more useful in my supporting role. How cool would that be. Just standing there next to my leader while confronting some enemy or threat. My leader would stand completely fearless - which would confound and confuse said enemy. In their frustration, they would raise a weapon. I would, with a tiny flicker of a finger, render it completely useless. Which would put the fear of God in them. Well, one would hope.

Where will you establish your capital and why?
I will establish my capital wherever my supreme leader tells me to. They will say, "We believe we would like to build our luxurious villa in [insert name of city/province/country/plant here]. And I would make it so.

What would be your first official decree as a brand new dictator? Why?
Mine is not to decree but to enforce the decree.

As a Great and Fearsome Leader, you will need to have the best people working for you. Who would work for you? (Feel free to use famous people, fictional characters, friends and family, or other people from the blogosphere in your answer.) What would their jobs be?
Well, as a somewhat great and very fearsome leader of many people whose job it is to secure, maintain and move forward my leader's realm...let me think. I would definitely have Jason Bourne working for me. But he wouldn't be an amnesiac drone. He'd have full charge of his faculties. And he would be my metaphoric long arm. I would also have Severus Snape on my staff. Very powerful. Very discreet. Very good to have on your side. Plus, I love his fashion sense. I would also want Wolverine or The Punisher. They are just cool, sexy and powerful. I need eye candy surrounding me but they have to be talented.

If you could make one annoying habit illegal in your empire, what would it be?
Being stupid (can I hear an 'Amen!'?!). This should be illegal yet it plagues our country. It's a veritable epidemic. Goodness, if I was given the task of ridding the supreme dynasty of stupid people, I would have a lifetime of job security. And we'd be left with mostly women. Which is fine with me.

Like Stacy, I tag anyone who would like to take this tag. I'd love to see all my blogger pals' answers.


Sarakastic said...

AMEN! You are gladly welcome to be the security adviser in Saradelphia, oh maybe you should be able to shoot lasers out of your eyes, how cool would that be? Nice on adding Jason Bourne to the team. Just in case you didn't hear it AMEN!

LEstes65 said...

I knew you'd like my first choice of staff. Plus, I watched the latest Bourne movie the other night. And yes, more people should try to be like Matt Damon. And more 40-ish single men should try to LOOK more like Matt Damon. And they should all be madly in love with ME.

Wanda said...

Oh Lynette: It is so late tonight, I finally was able to get a minute. But I don't have the eyes to read everything in your posts.
Tomorrow morning, with a cup of hot coffee I will be back!!!!
Goodnight...Sleep tight!!

Jane said...

I know that God will lead you to a better place with the ex. It feels so much better on the inside when you can come to terms with things and let go of the anger and bitterness....NOT that it's easy. There are still days now and then that I want to get a shotgun and shovel (he he) but overall I came to peace with his actions and I choose to move on thinking about my life and my kids.

Trish Ryan said...

I want to live in the country where you're second in command!!! Can I buy land now?

Beth said...

Amen! Yes! Great idea. You could send all the stupid people to Alkazban with the dementors and the death eaters.

Allie said...

Amen. :)

Diane said...

Sorry about the divorce.

Love your answers. Funny.

If only we could outlaw being stupid.

Stacy said...

The hot male professors would be left standing but, oh, the competition for them. Thanks for doing the meme! (I still have to do my own.)