Monday, December 17, 2007

I Don't Know Nothin' 'Bout Birthin' No Babies!

...which is a good thing since it was my half-sister doin' the birthin'. I just sit one state down and take all the credit when my niece is born.

So wooooo HOO!!! My "little" sister (10 yrs younger than me and probably just as tall as me) just had her 3rd little girl. She was born very easily (as easily as anyone can be born, I presume), about 4 hours after they broke my sister's waters. The labor was easy - again, as easy as labor can be. The father reported that the baby came flying out. I thought he was exaggerating until my sister confirmed the flight.

So I'm an aunt. Again. I just had to use a calculator to figure it but I believe this is niece and/or nephew number 18 of a collectible series. Collect them all! Trade with your friends! There's a 19th - the son of Anger Boy - the half brother that refuses to claim me as a sister. His loss. But in my real world of being a really forgetful aunt? I have 18 now.

I'm told she has lots of dark hair (like me). She has a great set of lungs (like me). She's wikkid cute ( ME). And she cries like a big ol' baby. Which she is. So that's forgivable. And also like me.

I can't wait to get up there to see her. She's in Oklahoma. You know, "up north".

Anyway, just wanted to share that good bit of news with you guys.

Dad continues to do well. I'm trying to stay away for a while to give him a break from a house full of chaotic family. He needs rest. Something I rarely provide when showing up with my two little tornadic boys.

Thanks for all of the wonderful emails and comments. Y'all rock!


Mary Ann said...

Hey congrats on the new niece. You'll have to show us pictures when you get some!

Is weird to think of Oklahoma as being north.

Beck said...


Kendra said...

Congratulations, auntie Lynette!! You are so funny . . .and so cute . . .and so great! Who wouldn't want an auntie Lynette?? You are the best!! sure do love you . .

Sarakastic said...

Who wouldn't want you for a sister? I love being an aunt, it means I should always have candy or fruit snacks in my purse, it's a tough job.