Sunday, December 30, 2007

My Dad and a Meme

I got home from the ER a little while ago. It's not as bad as it sounds. In this case, the ER was the only doc available. Dad has a cold. The last two days, he's spiked high fevers and had really bad chills. He said he's never had chills like this in his life. They exhaust him.

Tonight, he had horrible chills and was up above 103 F. The on call nurse said protocol for his age is for him to be seen within 4 hrs. So mom called me to tell me they'd be taking him to the ER near me. I was in my PJs just poking around on MySpace and about to do my blog walk. So I put on jeans, went to Starbucks, got coffee for mom and me and headed to the ER. I beat them there. So I got the paperwork started and waited. Mom drove dad up to the ER door. I got him in the wheel chair and in the ER while she parked. The nurses were saying stuff like, "Well, you liked it here so much you decided to come back!"

I stayed with mom & dad until about 11pm. I wasn't doing much good just sitting there making bad jokes. He wasn't feeling great and my jokes weren't helping any. When I left, they had pulled blood & urine, taken his blood sugar, done an EKG & chest xray. So they were trying to determine the cause of the high fevers. I imagine they kept him over night. I called my oldest brother to let him know. We'll alert the rest of the family if we need to. But I think for now, he's ok. Poor guy just wants to sleep in his own bed.

I'll update as I know more. Your prayers are always welcome.

This was a general tag from Angela. And it looks cute so I'll take it. It is a year end re-cap. In this meme, the tagee is to post the first line, of the first post for each month of the year.

So my cousin Kendra just poked me last night (via family email) and reminded me that I haven't posted anything here in a while.

I've been tagged by my favorite new author Trish.

The Boy is six.

This is a few months old.

Well, it's been 2 weeks since the whole thing officially blew up in my face.

Ok - this one cracks me up.

You know, I don't even know what to think of THIS little development.

I've been annoyed how life has derailed my original intent of this blog.

Two words: Intestinal. Virus.

I just got home from my business trip to NJ and Boston.

I'm trying to catch up with every one's blogs.

Dudes & dudettes, I proudly announce that I am the mother of an almost-4-yr old that has been out of diapers and/or pull-ups for a whole WEEK now.

I tag anyone who wants to do this.


Beck said...

My favorite is September. Intestinal virus! har!
I hope your dad is doing okay.

Trish Ryan said...

Bless your Dad!

What a great meme...your blogs were consistently fabulous, so I wonder what would happen if you took a line from each day and strung them all together...

But life is too short and too much important stuff is happening to blog about NOW :)

Moanna said...

You've had quite a remarkable year. I'm glad your dad is getting good care. And, I just scrolled down through your photos. You are so photogenic. That's an awesome picture of you. And I love that your boys stopped to read their books after opening them. How cute is that??

Wanda said...

Oh that was fun to read. Hope Dad is better.
Happy New Year, dear one...I know this is going to be a good one for you!!!

Barrie said...

My thoughts are with your dad.

Very interesting year in review!

Happy New Year!