Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas Eve, Y'All!

Message from MySpace:
Here's a bulletin I just posted on my MySpace site (it doesn't show up on my public profile - just goes to all of my "friends" to whom I am connected) where I am connected to more of my secular world than my God world. I decided not to water down my message with "Happy Holidays" like I would have in the past. I was inspired by #7 in Moanna's Christmas Hoopla post the other day.

Merry Christmas y'all

Sorry for the politically incorrect subject line but it's what I celebrate so I hope it's happy for YOU.

I pray that God touch each and every one of you with the real spirit of the season. With most of 2007 behind me, I am looking back and actually not cringing. Let me tell you, the point is not lost on me that God has surrounded me with the most beautiful group of miscreants that love and support me on a lot of different levels.

Thanks to every single one of you for making me smile this year. I ask that God bless every single one of you in some significant way. I mean, ASIDE from knowing me (haha!).

Love you all...L.y.n.e.t.t.e

Message from BloggerLand:
I really meant my post above. I am constantly blown away by how God keeps providing support for me. 2007 has severely sucked on many levels. But the interesting thing is, when I look back? That's not the overwhelming sentiment. The overwhelming feeling is absolute wonder at how many people God brought into my life. How many little financial windfalls God tossed my way. How God has been building a REAL community in my neighborhood - not just a group of nice people who smile at each other. How God has connected me so deeply with so many people at my church. How God brought my parents safely here to be my major support.

I don't know why this should all fascinate me. I mean, as a believer in God, his desire to bless us all and his miracles, shouldn't all of this just be another day at the office? I have to think that every time I am surprised by God's perfect timing on something, he must be up there just chuckling and shaking his head. You have to think he's thinking, "My dear one, why does this surprise you?" (In my mind, God always calls me very sweet little endearments in stead of "Hey bone-head" or the like.)

Last night the boys went to their father's. So I slept in today. Which should thrill me. But I woke up thinking, ok I slept in - woopty-doo. I'd rather have my boys here waking me up early. However, as I started puttering around, I thought, yah, I can take this. And by "this", I meant the whole divorce situation. Because you know, in the long run, no one died. There are much worse things to endure in this world. And I would take this crappy story over those on any given day.

I'll give you one more little miracle that God just did. And yes, it surprised me. It shouldn't have. But it did.

On Thursday, my wonderful friend and his wife stopped by. We'll call them Realtor Dude and Gorgeous Realtor Wife. He helped me find this wonderful house. Over the last 2 years, I have referred three other couples to them that resulted in sales. So anyway, they hand delivered a Christmas card to me which I found very sweet. When they left, I walked in the house opening the card. Inside was the sweetest note thanking me for everything I've done for them. And a check. A check with a one and 3 zeros. I don't know about you but I don't have friends or family that can casually toss around that kind of money. And I know he didn't "casually" toss it. But I stood in my entry way with my hand over my mouth going, "OH!" for about 3 minutes. He called later to make sure I wasn't going to try to slip it back under his door or anything. So I told him I graciously accept it and thanked him over and over. He made me promise to spend it on me and the boys (the unspoken part being, "don't give a penny of it to future ex"). He even said, "Hey, save it for lawyer fees."

Well funny he said that. Because on Friday, I got the counter proposal from future ex's lawyer. Let me put it this way: I will need every extra penny for lawyer fees. Because the pure fantasy of what future ex is asking for is insanity. I think the only way for me to get the moral issues considered is for this to go to court. I have been trying to avoid that. But his lawyer is thinking in pure legalese. To get someone to consider what my compensation should be for what was done to me? I will need one of those wonderful southern "good ol' boy" judges to hear my case.

I'll tell you, as I read the counter proposal, I felt my blood pressure rise. I felt sick. So I immediately just started praying. I said something like, God, you have to take this. You have to handle this. Because if I respond based on my emotions right now? I'll get just as stupid as he has gotten - just on the other end of the spectrum. So I have turned it all over to God. The divorce terms, the lawyer fees, my anger, my feelings of vengeance (again!), my feelings of betrayal and hurt. The whole enchilada. God's got it. And how do I know? Because he sent me an extra $1000 the day before I got the lawyer's letter.

God's got my back. I will not forget that. I woke up asking him to take away the doldrums and to fill my heart with the real purpose of this season.

I am SO loved. I have SO many friends. I have SUCH wonderful neighbors. I have the most AMAZING church. I have the most BEAUTIFUL boys. I have the BEST parents. Hey, I have more than TWO parents! I have the most fantabulous sister who will be here today. I have like 8 gazillion siblings that all love me (well, all but one - ha!). I have a new niece. I have a warm house. I have a pantry and fridge FULL to the gills. I have presents to give everyone.

The stupid evil one can bring it all on, man. Because God has built me a fortress. And he has manned it with TONS of people. And my God is stronger than any stupidity satan can come up with.

Merry Christmas everyone. God, bless every single person that reads my silliness today. Bless all of my Awesome Blogger Chicks in a way that is impossible to deny is from You. Just heap huge gobs of blessings on all of my blogger friends, my family and everyone who has supported me this year. Amen.


Moanna said...

Wow, I love that you got the one with the three zeros before you knew you'd need it for lawyer fees. That's awesome.

Merry Christmas to you, Lynette. You deserve a happy season, for starters. You go girl!

Kristen said...

Merry Christmas!!! You are such an amazing person to have the outlook that you have after the year you've been through. I'm so glad you're reaping God's blessings and love through it all. Super hugs are coming at you and the boys from the Holmbroughs!

Sarakastic said...

After reading this all I could think of to comment was "wow" God Rocks' & "Happy Holidays' because this post just stunned me. So Wow. God Rocks. Happy Holidays