Monday, December 31, 2007

Dad Is Home and Happy New Year

Dad just got home a while ago. The blood cultures are not back yet so we still don't know what is causing the fevers. But he was doing well enough to allow him to go home with some antibiotics. He sure is happy to see the new year in from his own comfy chair! I just dropped off two burgers from their favorite spot. So hopefully, they will have a nice mellow ringing in.

I am home with my two gorgeous boys. I would prefer this quiet night in with my boys to any kind of party. I spoke to Jane earlier today and she has similar plans with her daughter. I hope that, however you choose to celebrate the arrival of this new year, it is exactly what you want and it's filled with laughter and fun.

Here is to an amazing 2008. Can't wait to see what it brings. Bring it on, God! I'm ready!!!!


Moanna said...

I'm glad your dad is home and I hope the tests lead to fixing whatever is causing the fever.

Happy new year to you and your boys!

JenKneeBee said...

Glad your father is doing better and I hope you had a great New Year with your kids!

Jane said...

Hey gorgeous!

I'm so glad your dad is doing better and that he was home for the New Year. PLEASE don't laugh....I made dinner with my ex and we watched a movie with Kendall. Neither of us had any plans and it just seemed that we could at least eat together.

2008 is going to ROCK because we finally get to hang out in person!!!

Love you,

Angela Marie said...

Happy New Year to you sweetie.
I am glad to read that your dad is home.