Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Update on PapaSan

I went to the hospital this morning to hang with mom & dad. I got there some time after 8am. Dad looked not so happy. He was on meds that knocked him out a bit. But he also looked visibly uncomfortable. He wasn't allowed to take anything by mouth so was really parched. That's never fun.

Eventually, they got him an IV drip for his "drink". He was having back pain and some chest pain. So they got nitro in him. They scheduled him for a cat scan to check for an aneurysm (those often cause back pain).

Wait! Mom just called and the cat scan is negative!!! NO ANEURYSM! Woo-hoo!!! God totally rocks. Wow - you guys are getting this as breaking news! I haven't even had time to call my sibs with this news. Sweet.

So this means it's more something with the heart. And means a heart catheter tomorrow. He'll stay over night again.

When I was there today, the doc was telling mom & dad that he hadn't had a full on heart attack. They think he might have been on his way to having one. But because he got to the hospital quick enough and got the right meds quickly, it stopped whatever was starting. So if it had been a heart attack, it was stopped. Can I tell you how awesome it is that this hospital just opened right here? Because they were a good 10 minute drive from the next available hospital. Can you say "God Rocks"? I can.

Bottom line is, when I left today, he looked markedly better - the nitro having alleviated some of his pain & discomfort. He'll hopefully enjoy a nice pampered (albeit poked & prodded) rest today. And maybe he'll head home tomorrow.

The nurses & doctors at this brand spankin' new hospital are awesome. Very nice. Mom & dad seem very happy with his care. And if they're happy? I'm happy.

Thank you all for your prayers. My mom said she felt such a peace last night. And obviously the healing is coming, too.

Love you all...


JenKneeBee said...

Oh my gosh! How incredibly scary! I'm so glad your father is doing better and that your family is being so blessed.

Sarakastic said...

Glad to hear that your dad is doing better I'll keep you, him & your family in my prayers.

Moanna said...

I hope tomorrow brings more good news.

I'm thinking it's good that your mom and dad moved there to help you otherwise they'd not have been near the new hospital. God works in mysterious ways. Or rather, God works. :)

Kendra said...

Ok, this is what I get for not checking your blog for a couple of days . . I had no idea what was goin on with Hal! Thanks for letting us know to pray. . .keep me posted!!

ellesappelle said...

Wow - I'm sorry I didn't read your first post soon enough to pray but I'm glad things are better. I'll pray for your dad's continued recovery!

Beck said...

I'm glad your dad is on the mend and being well looked after.