Wednesday, December 19, 2007

My Wonderful The Boy...Oh, Excuse Me...Pokemon Boy!

I just got The Boy's school pictures back today. Due to fiascoes beyond my control, I did not get the disc with the digital image on it. So you'll all have to deal with a scan of the 8x10. But this is my wonderful The Boy. My second grader (how did that happen?). The one who made me a mom. One of the most beautiful souls ever to grace this earth. Obviously, the other would belong to Lil' Bro. At some point, I plan to have a portrait of the two of them. But until then, here is The Boy. Wait. The Boy just read this and asked, "Didn't you ever say that you're going to start calling me 'Pokemon Boy'?" I did promise that to him a while back when he saw his tag as "The Boy" here. So I stand corrected. Here is Pokemon Boy:


Wanda said...

Well Pokemon Boy is one handsome dude!! What a wonderful picture. Maybe you could wall paper one roon with his picture. ((smile))

Beck said...

What a handsome guy! No wonder you like him.

Trish Ryan said...


It's nice to see that he still looks like Liam. In a few years I imagine he'll be sporting a ten-gallon hat and cowboy boots, and when I knock on your door he'll open it with a flourish and say, "Howdy, Ma'am!"