Friday, January 18, 2008

Ain't NUTHIN' Gonna Get Me Down!

Still in Boston. Still lovin' it. But sad about two things:
1) Jane can't come. Wah!
2) I got sick today. Double wah!

However, #2 makes it abundantly clear that it's a good thing #1 happened. I mean, yah Jane, come to Boston and nurse me to health while I puke and blow my nose. Good times. Good times.

But I'm still hopeful that this will pass quickly and I will be able to romp with friends tomorrow. I had to bail on hanging with an old friend tonight. I'm thinking my choice is really a service to him. This is not the kind of love one wants to share. Nope.

Here are a few pictures so you can experience Boston with me.

Here is one from yesterday during the day. My view off my balcony during the day is just as awesome as the night view!

Here is a view of my best friend from 5:30am today. That nice cold tile floor actually felt good. I am hoping to not reacquaint myself with Mr. Barfitorium any more today but my stomach is still deciding.

Here are more of my favorite things I acquired this afternoon after a quick stop at CVS.

And here is me being a big whiny baby in my wonderful hotel bed.

I refuse to let this get me down. Well, obviously, I'm down. But I slept a few hours already and plan to sleep in tomorrow. And then I will attack Boston with a fresh new vigor! And a fresh new box of Kleenex. And hopefully without a fresh new barf bag.


nancygrayce said...

Bless you heart! How awful to be sick on a trip! Plus I just don't do sick well alone. My husband wishes I could! :) Hope you feel better and have a good rest of your trip!

Sarakastic said...

Yucky, feel better, at least you have such a cool view & I'm not talking about the toilet one!

Kendra said...

one other blessing . . you aren't having to take care of sweet children's needs while being so sick. I always hate the pressure of needing to be "mom" when I need and really want to just wallow in my own misery for a little bit, rest up on my time table, and just be in sweet silent aloneness. So, that's a perk, maybe?? Bummer, though. Get better!!!

Moanna said...

Oh no! I hope you see more of Boston today and less of the barfatomic or whatever you called it! LOL Only you could be funny and pukey at the same time.

Wanda said...

I would give anything to look as cute as you when you are sick!!
Posting a picture of me sick would make you barf!!
I'm praying you feel better real real soon dear.

Love and Hugs

Trish said...

Okay, seeing these makes me DOUBLY impressed by how gorgeous you looked yesterday. I mean, how great do you look normally when you haven't been facing the toilet for hours???

Jane said...

Oh, how I love these photos!!! I so wish I could have made it, even if you were sick. I'll call you tonight. Hope you're feeling better sweetie!!


Angela Marie said...

Ahhhh! This is horrible!

You look great sick... I would never post a picture of myself sick, it would make you sick! LOL! But, you look really good.