Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Boston Bound!

Tomorrow, I head up to Boston for 2 days of business and the 4 days of fun! I'll have the laptop with me and plan to do some blogging. But my days and nights booked up fast. I haven't seen many people on my last few trips as I was still too fresh and raw from the implosion of my marriage. But now I'm ready to see people. Well, most of them. I'm keeping the contact to people that really matter in my life.

I will get to see Kristen and her wonderful family. I'll see Trish and her fabulous hubby. And the biggest bonus is that Jane will join me on the weekend and she'll get to meet them, too! Along with a few other assorted and sundry friends of mine.

I cannot wait - I have been so excited about this trip for so long! But yesterday and today I'm oddly anxious. The raging sinus headache that is literally throbbing through my head and neck isn't helping any. But I think the anxiety stems from the fact that I'm leaving my boys for a total of six days. And that I've had to reach out to quite a few people to cover their care. Normally, it would just be my mom. But this time I asked future ex to step up. As their dad, he really should be the first stop for child care. So he's going to come stay with them and commute to his job. Which means neighbors and my mom will get the boys after school until he can get back from work. They're all being wonderful about it. But it has seemingly made me rather anxious. Just hoping it all goes smoothly.

I think most parents (and especially moms) have trouble leaving their kids and just enjoying the break. The mom part never shuts off. And since their dad hasn't been around them for large amounts of time...I am wondering just how rusty his patience might be.

Well, I can't keep worrying. I actually think most of the anxiety is gone and it's this dang headache that's really doing me in at the moment. I've gotten all the bills paid, the child care is all set, the house is stocked with food and the upstairs is clean. Still have to get the downstairs looking less like a toy bomb went off. Still have to get that last load of laundry finished, get a few things over to my mom for safe keeping, and then pack. Oh, and finish lining up people to cover food service at church. I'm so glad you reminded me!!

If this headache wasn't the center of my universe at the moment, I'd tell you just how excited I am that I'm heading up to the relatively frozen tundra of my old home town. I will get to see my coworkers in person again. One of my favorite friends is picking me up at the airport and will go with me to get dinner. I will have lunch with my old work pals and dinner with my current work pals on Thursday. Friday, I will be hanging out with another friend of mine that I haven't seen in a couple of years. Saturday, Jane will get a small posse picking her up at the airport - ok, there will just be two of us. But still - that can be a posse, right? That night we'll visit with a bunch of my old rock theater friends. Sunday we'll visit my awesome former church - Trish's current church. And then we'll go hang with Kristen and our other friends that have been my lifelines and rocks through the last decade or so. YEAH!!!

I really am not conveying the true depths of my thrillosity over this trip. If you could see my face, you would SEE the headache.

I will go now. I am not forming much goodness here. Gah. I will try to post while in Boston.



Sarakastic said...

Have a good trip you deserve it!

Wanda said...

Oh I'm sharing your headache today. I got something in my eye yesterday behind my contact lense, and this morning my eye was swollen shut, with a headache to go with it. I know if I leave my contact out for 48 hours it will heal, but boy it hurts like crazy now!!
Know you will have a fabulous trip, can't wait to hear about it.

Lots of Love and Motrin!!!

Trish Ryan said...

We are so excited you are coming!!!

Moanna said...

Can't wait to hear about your trip.