Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Boys and Me

Pokemon Boy is here making sure I don't go back to calling him "The Boy". My typing police!

I just snapped a couple of cute pictures of the boys and me. I'm horrified by how this picture shows every freckle and sun spot. What happened to my perfectly creamy skin of my 20s? Oh well. I will have good skin vicariously through my boys.

Here we are:

Here is Pokemon Boy giving the hugest smile he could muster.

Here is Lil' Bro being adorable.


Beck said...

The three of you look beautiful!

Moanna said...

Three cuties, for sure!

Stacy said...

I'm going to disagree. You look lovely and happy in those pics. As do your boys.

Wanda said...

Oh you are all just adorable. Don't you ever age, Lynette. You look as cute and young as your boys. And I love freckles!!!!

Kristen said...

Pictures, yayyyyyy!!! Y'all are so happy and cute. We miss you!

Jane said...

I love these photos! Your boys are gorgeous and so are you, hot mama!!!

Trish Ryan said...

So gorgeous! And don't you be complaining about freckles...that means you have sunshine!!!

(And I couldn't really see them in the pics anyway. I just needed to make a point, given that it's 16 degrees and gray here...aren't you excited to come visit?)

Angela Marie said...

How adorable! You all look happy and like your having lots of fun!

You silly, those are kisses from the sun. The Sun doesn't just kiss anybody... he only kisses those that love very deeply!


Wanda said...

Hey Sweetie: Thanks for the update...Big Time Praying going on here!!!
Love and Hugs,