Saturday, January 26, 2008

...And I'm WORTH It!

As I was accommodating my addiction this evening (ie - all things cyber), I suddenly had a hankering to dye my hair. So I called my friend Tex, put him on speaker and chatted with him as I died my hair jet black. You won't really be able to tell the difference. The pix all make my hair look black. Or more black. Or a bit less black. It all looks the same on this blog. But I'll post pictures anyway. Because I'm Loreal. And I'm worth it.

This is a shot just after I dried it. It looked way better in the mirror than this shot shows.

Why don't I look amazingly thin, gorgeous and hot like the chick on the box? I mean, doesn't this box pretty much promise that I'll look just like HER? Maybe it's the shirt...

I am vexed with the false advertising.

My new dye job.

And there you have it. This is what I do when I'm bored (I really need to get out more). And Tex will be glad to know that I didn't end up burning off all my hair. We lost track of time a wee bit and I left the dye on for more like 45 minutes in stead of 20. HA!


Beck said...

Ha! All you need is the scarlet lipstick and you and the Box Girl can be twins. You look very good.
I dyed my hair waaaaaay too dark last weekend, much darker then I thought I was. Whoops.

SweetAnnee said...

Well I love your hair..and the cut is
thanks for visiting my blog also..

Sarakastic said...

In the vexed picture, you look just like the box girl, you're gorgeous!

Mary Ann said...

What false advertising??

Wanda said...

Oh this is the best post yet!!!
Love the hair..and if I thought I'd look like that chick on the "Red Head" box, I'd be dying my hair tomorrow.

I tried it just once...sad, sad I'll stick with my blended gray...and let you young girls have fun with the colors.

Love all the pictures of you!! You are cuter than that skinny minni chick on the box!! You ARE!!

Diane J Standiford said...

Very Katie Holmes. Hey, I am starting a 100 Chronic Illness Blogs list for my blog site. May I add your blog? I want blogs that do not dwell only on illness---lke yours. email me

Allie said...

Haha! Well I think you look great. :)

I've been sneaking into pharmacies and staring at hair dye recently... just can't decide what colour I want, or if it's silly to dye your hair a very similar colour to your own.

Trish Ryan said...

You're so brave! And what do you mean you don't look amazingly thin, gorgeous, and hot? I don't understand the question, cause you do. (Except in that picture where your eyes are crossed a little bit. Maybe you meant that one?)

Kendra said...

Brady and I think you look MARVELOUS!! (he's in my lap right now while I surf for a few before time to get the supper meal going . .).

Jane said...

I dyed my hair the same day too AND I have so much grey that I have to leave it on for an hour!

You look hot, BABY!!!

Stacy said...

That is the best photo post ever. My hair always looks black in pics, too, so I'd have the same difficulty showing off newly black hair.