Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Because I Know How Well You All Humor Me

I have no energy for deep thoughts. Nor the half empty ones I regularly purge here. Seems Pokemon Boy and I have a rather tenacious bug in our GI tracts. His is almost gone and he'll return to school tomorrow. Mine renewed with vigor - presumably due to the chili mix in a jar I so loved. I will leave your over active imaginations to conjure whatever visuals they will.

Thought I'd post a few pix I took the other day as I got all dolled up to go have lunch with my friend Kay. My boss asked, "Are you wearing MAKEUP?!" Yes. You don't have lunch with the backup singer of Disney royalty without donning makeup. However, I did not apply Texas portions. I used my much more demure Boston portions. I thought I'd share pix of me looking and feeling good in stead of showing you how I look and feel today.

I took these while sitting in my big garden tub. I wanted no flash and the light in the tub was perfect.

See? Subtle makeup.

I feel retarded shooting myself. So I resort to faces like this...

...and this

But had to end with a nice sweet shot.

There you go. Me on a good day.


SweetAnnee said...

You look gorgeous
even making faces..
hope you feel better soon!!

Sarakastic said...

you are stunning. I need eye makeup lessons I always apply texas proportions of eyeliner

JenKneeBee said...

You look so pretty! I especially love the 3rd one down.

Beck said...

You look gorgeous! I always feel so much cuter wearing eyeliner, personally.

Angela Marie said...

You look GORGEOUS even making faces!LOL!!

Lady... you make me smile and not to take life to seriously! I thank God for YOU!!


Moanna said...

I've not checked in for a few days since I've had a bug, too. Not from chili (how does that happen anyhoo??) just your garden variety bad cold.

You look fabulous! Yesterday I was checking out the side buttons on my new cell phone and accidentally shot a pic of myself, at work, with nearly no makeup. Let me just say it was a learning experience. Eyeliner, definitely.

Kendra said...

You are so cute, my sweet cousin!