Wednesday, January 30, 2008

As New As Good!

Lil' Bro's sheriff's star broke a few days ago. It's been sitting on the table next to my bed waiting for me to remember that I promised to glue it. It's not fixable. I'm waiting for him to forget it so I can toss it. Yes. I'm that mom.

Well, today, he walked in my room, picked it up, smashed the two pieces together and announced, "There! It's as new as good!" He held up his victorious repair job and it promptly fell apart. But man, "It's as new as good" is my new catch phrase. I wish I could have captured it on audio. So freaking cute.

I tried to take a picture of him holding up the "fixed" star but my camera batteries died. So in stead, here is a shot from Sunday's bath. He took my comb into the bath and I slicked him out.


Beck said...

He's a cute little guy!

Trish Ryan said...

Words to live by. I'll spread the new catch phrase up here in the North :)

Kristen said...

Love it. Lil' Bro is so smaht. :-) And extremely cute!

Angela Marie said...

Too darn cute!

Has anyone told you that your boys look so much like their mom!?