Tuesday, January 08, 2008

The Eagle Has Landed...I Repeat: The Eagle Has Landed!

That's what I said when I called my sister in NY to tell her that dad was home. She didn't think it was funny either. You want good humor - check the dairy aisle.

Anyhoooooo...dad was released from l'hopital today (that's French for "place where everyone is wikkid sweet to you even while they poke & prod you, the food is good and they have comfy beds"). His white blood cell count was good and his chest sounded clear. Mom wasn't there, apparently, when the doctor declared the emancipation proclamation. I think she (and a few other family members) is a wee bit concerned that he still has some periodic coughing. But having talked to my sister-in-law-slash-nurse and knowing the insurance business, they kept him as long as they could. They dosed him up with one last bag o' antibiotics via IV and released him with a 7-day prescription for oral antibiotics. So yes, we would love your prayers! Thank you so much for offering.

I will update you more when there is more to update about. For now, I will sign off as this particular posting is rather fraught with too much wise-guy-ness.

And now, let's go see how much spell check hates all my made up words.


Kristen said...

That's great news! And, I'll pray that the cough is completely gone very, very soon.

Jane said...

I can so feel your wacky sense of humor today..... I LOVE IT!!!!

Three cheers for Dad coming home..

hip hip horray
hip hip horray
hip hip horray

Love you,

Mary Ann said...

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa prolly won't pass spellcheck either :)

Barrie said...

Glad to read the good news! And I loved your made-up words, even if spell check didn't. :)

Angela Marie said...

Whooo Hoo!
I am so happy for you!

Kendra said...

I just need to tell you that I love reading your posts, dear cousin. You are the funniest cousin I have - and you have some strong competition, you know. Anything you write either makes me giggle, makes me smile, brings tears to my eyes, makes me think bigger thoughts, or just makes me love you more. You are great.