Friday, April 27, 2007

Great Big Neon Signs From God

Ever since Trish has met me, I've been saying how I want signs from God like giant trucks with words on them that answer my question. Or a giant blinking neon sign pointing to one thing rather than the other. God has always been much more subtle in my life. I think it's because he wants me to take the time to stop, ask and then LISTEN. Anyone who knows me knows that I'd much rather write or talk than listen!

So when you are thinking you must dissolve your marriage, and you don't want to, and you still love the guy, and you're willing to put up with almost incomprehensible amounts of pain and lies to keep your family really need that great big neon sign from God.

This last week, God plopped the great big neon sign in front of me. I looked at it and went, "Hmmm...I wonder if that's the neon sign from God." So the next day, God made the neon sign fluorescent pink. I still wondered. So the next day, God turned the sign ON. I still hesitated. Last night, God made the giant fluorescent pink neon sign flash off and on until I was almost blinded.

Today I have no doubt. Today I act with confidence, knowing that God isn't being subtle. God gave me my great big neon sign.


Brenda-Mom said...

Neon signs are good - they still make me cry . . . . God is good - persistent - and clear! Love you sweet one! God is preparing you for amazing things.

Kristen said...

Oh, lord, I'm afraid to ask what this sign was. :-(

Love you and praying for you "without ceasing!"


Wanda said...

We have such a "BIG GOD" with big answers...Sometimes its that still small voice...other time its blaring, glaring, blinking....It sounds like you got the message.
Will continue to pray that He lights your path the rest of the way.
Love, hugs, prayers and smiles.

Monica said...

I agree with all that my mom said. You are in my thoughts as the week ends. I am praying for strength and protection for you. I love you sweet cousin. I am proud of who you are.

ellesappelle said...

Hooray for God, eh? He really does come through in the times when you really need him to.

Trish Ryan said...

God's got the signs and all the florescent light it takes (my life looked like Times Square before I caught on...)

He's got you covered, and good things are coming. We love you!

Stacy said...

Makes me wonder if God's ever given me neon signs.

Well, yay for clarity.