Saturday, April 21, 2007

Mom To The Rescue

Whenever I see this logo at the start of a movie, I always say, "Hi Mom!" because she looks like a young My Mom.

My Mom is flying in tomorrow. She is coming in to do what all moms do - protect her baby.

My future-ex is leaving for a week tomorrow. We can't be under the same roof. Not after all of the horrible lies that were exposed this week. This whole thing even leaves his sister in absolute disbelief. So he will leave, mom will come, I will purge emotions. The hope is, by the time he returns, I will be past the raw emotions enough to be able to work with him on what to tell the kids.

In the mean time, I may be crushed but not unable to move forward and plan the protection of my beautiful boys and me.

My hope is in God. God is the one that values me like the precious gem I am. He is sending me rescue in huge numbers. And don't think I discount the comments you all leave me here or the emails you send me off-blog. I may be numb and not commenting as much now. But you guys have moved me to tears lately with the amazing love you have poured out on me - me who only a few of you actually have met!

I can't wait to show you all to My Mom.


ellesappelle said...

That is fantastic that your mom is coming. I lost my mum just over a year ago and I wonder how I'm going to get by when the crises in the future inevitably come. Mums are great. I'm really glad you feel loved by us all online because you really are; I've been thinking about you a lot lately (and praying). Very weird when I don't think I've even been visiting your blog more than a couple months.

Monica said...

WHOO HOO FOR MOM. It will be great to have her there. I know how those Hawkins sisters are with their children!! You don't mess with them and if you do they will be there to take care of their kids. I love being a daughter of the Hawkins sisters!!!
Glad to know it will just be you guys. I was wondering how all that would work with your mom there.I hope your shingles are not getting stirred up with all this stress.

its3boys4me said...

I am so happy that your mom is arriving today. When you see her for the first time in the airport and receive that wonderful hug....know that part of that hug is from all of your family. Enjoy those hugs, long talks and support.
It's ok to be numb ...just let her take care of you and your boys this week. You have been in my thoughts and prayers constantly.
love you!

its3boys4me said...

That last comment was from me!
just signed up on this new blogger account and forgot my name!

Sarakastic said...

Yeah for moms! Enjoy your visit as much possible.

Wanda said...

What would we do without moms! I'm so glad yours is coming. Good for you and good for the children.

Will continue to pray that God will show you just the steps you are to take...

Love and Hugs

Angela Marie said...

I am happy that your mom is coming to be with you at this time...

You and your family have been on my mind.

Let your mom do things for you, sometimes I forget to let my mom be a mom, I always feel better when I just let go and let be.

hugging you sweetie!