Monday, April 09, 2007

An Aside: TRISH IS BACK!!!

Yeah! My favorite blogger is back from her 40 Days of Faith! Make sure you all go over to say welcome back to Trish.

And on a funny note: yesterday I, too, finished my 40 days of faith. I had fasted from sweets and soda. So yeterday I had a tiny bit of both. Today? I feel sick. Like I gorged on it. Which I didn't. But I think my body is trying to say, hey, stick to the fast, fatso! HA!


Trish Ryan said...

In addition to my blog fast, I also fasted from lunch for the 40 Days...words cannot describe my delight when noontime rolled around today and I was able to pull something other than liquid out of the refridgerator!!!

Here's to answered prayers from this 40 Days :)

Wanda said...

Hi girlfriend: I'm in Tahoe and I was able to get on line with my hubby's laptop. Yeah! Now I can catch up on reading my favorite blogs and relax at the same time.
I honor you for your fast. That is an awesome thing to honor the Lord.
Love and Hugs

Angela Marie said...

Wow! That is great!

Your body will do that.. rebel! My body is used to it though! LOL!

Kristen said...

Oh me, too! I had some M&Ms on Sunday night, and they just didn't do it for me anymore. Yay!

And, last night, I forgot to turn on the TV. It's a nice change. :-)

Love you!